Stunning WH Email on Benghazi Terror Question Is Being Withheld by the WH



Megyn Kelly

A seven-page email exchange, shared with the highest levels of staff at the White House, discussed coming up with a media strategy to deal with an early Fox News report of September 27th on Benghazi. That report stated that Benghazi was a terror attack.

The email is being withheld by the Obama administration. Copied on that email exchange is Ben Rhodes along with Tom Donilon and John Brenner.

Ben Rhodes has been exposed as the link to the White House on the planned and fabricated story to politically deal with Benghazi, beginning with the Susan Rice appearances.

The email deals with whether or not the White House knew it was a terror attack.

The entire Benghazi story is a misrepresentation and a cover up. According to a September 27th Fox News report, the White House knew within 24 hours that the attack was a terror attack.

Emails have been retroactively classified and others given to congress were more heavily redacted than those released by the courts to Judicial Watch.

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