Stunt! Prof Puts Up a See-Saw Between Mexico & US Border for One Day


A left-wing UC Berkely professor Ron Rael, together with architect San Jose State professor Virginia San Fratello, and some builders Cuidad-Juarez Collectivo Chopeke [an open borders leftist group] put up a see-saw for one day that allegedly allowed children and adults to seesaw at the border while in detention with people in Mexico.

Rael wrote a book that he’s publicizing, “Borderwall as Architecture: A Manifesto for the U.S.-Mexico Boundary,”  and he’s really on the left when it comes to borders.

“The teeter-totter exemplifies the notion that any action that takes place on one side of the border has a direct consequence on the other side of the border,” he told KPIX 5 in a Skype interview.

“We can see that in the play of the teeter-totter, but we can also see that politically and economically between the two nations.”

This is a typical stunt by the hard-left.

“I would very much love to continue to do these kinds of projects along the wall,” said Rael.

For one day???

There are mostly adults on the teeter-totter. It’s just another stunt.

They are middle-aged adults who are promoting open borders.

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