Stuttering Nancy Tries to Explain the “Better Deal”


The former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who gave us Obamacare, didn’t want to brag but she did say she is a “master legislator”. The 77-year old is not going anywhere because she is such a master.

“Self-promotion is a terrible thing, but somebody has to do it,” the California lawmaker told “Fox News Sunday. “I am a master legislator. I know the budget to the nth degree … I feel very confident about the support I have in my caucus.”

Chris Wallace responded to her request to discuss the Democrats’ “Better Deal” which is a re-hashing of the same old deal we lived under for eight years.

Wallace asked, “Leader Pelosi, I’m not saying any of that is wrong, what I am saying is none of it is new. We’ve been hearing it for years, we heard it from the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in 2016, and you lost.”

“No, well”….stuttering…you’re going to “hear it with more clarity,” she responded.

It was very clear the first time and it was clear for eight years. It’s a Socialist nightmare. We get it.

She admitted that for the first time in a decade the Congressional Democrats are in charge of the message.

Another point she made is “elections aren’t all about winning.” Obviously Democrats believe that because they haven’t been making much of an effort to win with their stale Socialist policies that haven’t worked and cost them 32 legislative houses. All we know for certain is they hate Trump and they hate Republicans.

What are the chances Democrats will win back the House in 2018 and will she run for Speaker? That’s not important she said.  The important thing is that they have a “better deal” and their [commie] policies and thinking are “diverse”.

She said they are all “unified” and think the same, but they are all diverse thinkers. Hmmm….

She is trying to convince people their reconstituted platitudes are “fresh”. They’re going to get people higher pay, help the middle class, work on infrastructure…blah, blah, blah.

They had eight years to do all of that and didn’t. Things grew worse under their leadership.

Their idea of a “better deal” is for everyone to think alike on their Socialist policies.


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