Sub Tells 1st Graders There’s No Santa, Easter Bunny, or Tooth Fairy


There are teachers who force their values on the students despite the values of their parents. Parents need to be alert to what the children are learning the classroom.

A substitute teacher ruined Christmas for an entire class of first grade children looking forward to Santa arriving on his sleigh.

The teacher announced her truth behind Santa while working in a Cedar Hill School first grade classroom, Montville schools spokesperson Susan Marinello said.

Cedar Hill principal Michael Raj sent a letter home to parents warning them about the incident Thursday afternoon.

“Once I became aware of the situation, I immediately spoke to the substitute teacher regarding her poor judgment in making this proclamation to [the class],” Raj wrote in the letter.

One parent’s response to Lisa’s post: It wasn’t even a direct question from the child. Imagine what else she says to the kids. Can’t believe this sub went there. Well now is the time to get rid of her before she starts talking politics and sex education.

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