Substitute Common Sense for the Obama – Romney Polls


The Gallup presidential poll has Romney up by only 1 point with Obama gaining ground. Pew has Obama up nationally by three points (they include 4 points more Democrats in their polls). 

Rasmussen has Ohio tied 49-49.

The CNN poll called the race even but they poll +11 Democrats (Huh?)

Dick Morris is predicting a landslide for Romney. Barron’s believes the momentum favors Romney.

In the end, the polls don’t matter at this point. Common sense works as well as the polls when they are this tight. Obama does not have the hope and change mantra going for him this time around. That has been wiped out by his ineptitude. He is now up against an exciting alternative. Romney can win the 4+% over McCain who wound up with 46% nationally.

Obama no longer has the special interest groups he had in 2008:

  • The minorities who came out for Barack Obama in ’08 are not going to come out in droves as they did before. Pastors are telling their flocks they can’t vote for him.
  • More Catholics and Jews will vote for Romney. Catholics are 25% of the electorate.
  • Evangelicals, who are not affiliated and not counted in the polls, are eager to see Mitt Romney in the White House and they are 23% of the electorate.
  • Women are now even and Independents are even or leaning Romney.

Obama is seeking revenge. He wants “more flexibility” in dismantling our missile self-defense system. He doesn’t believe you built that and he wants to spread the wealth. He is a socialist who will be unleashed if re-elected. He will take it as a mandate. The choice is clear and I don’t believe Americans are in the socialist camp yet but the fact that almost 50% of the populace want Big Government to take care of them is frightening.

Whichever way this goes, it will be a decisive victory for one candidate or the other. When those electoral votes start falling, we will know quickly. I hope it will be a Romney win because I don’t want to see a Barack Obama with “more flexibility.”

Check out my friends at Watcher of Weasels who have made their projections.


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