Suburban Governments Were Just Nationalized by the Federal Government


For years, the cities have been robbing the suburbs but they now have a scheme that will quickly end in a takeover of the suburbs by a leftist federal government.

HUD announced enforcement of its new 377-page rule called the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule which will allow them to move people from poor crime-ridden areas into “wealthy” suburbs. It was announced by leftist Julian Castro Monday. The rule has force behind it. Federal monies will be withheld and lawsuits accusing residents of racism will be filed. Any town that takes federal funds will be transformed.

It is not only forcing unnecessary racial integration, its forcing class integration and the destruction of the local governments who will officially become satellites of the urban areas. Neighborhoods will be diversified according to income levels. The plan is to make us into a classless society of the type Karl Marx promoted.

With this rule, HUD will have control of zoning, transportation, and education and, in the end, the politics. Just as the leftists took over the cities one-by-one, they will be able to consume the suburbs only at a far more rapid pace. This can be done on a massive, almost immediate scale.

There about 44 million Americans living in the cities and almost 122 million Americans in the suburbs. Suburbia tends to vote against the leftists and has long been a thorn in their side.

Using racism and ecology as excuses, Obama is orchestrating, through HUD and the EPA, the end of local government rule.

They want more “density” in population, the elimination of urban and federal boundaries, and they plan to make every neighborhood “diverse” by spreading the criminals around.

The New York Times had an interesting take, saying this rule will put an end to financial ghettos. What they don’t say is they are doing it by redistributing all resources of suburbia, even residents’ living arrangements by forcing people from the ghettos into “wealthy” suburbia.

We should soon be seeing the environmental laws currently present in liberal areas become a matter of fact for every town in the country. In leftist bastions, even cul-de-sacs are banned by planners.

This has gone under the radar. The media is ignoring it.

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has been fighting it in Westchester, which is a test case. Liberal Westchester voted Conservative Astorino into office to stop it. In Westchester, HUD said a quarter-acre lot is discriminatory. They want all limits removed. Your home could end up next to a factory under their plan. Right now zoning rules protect inhabitants but the federal government will take away those protections.

Listen to an explanation by Mr. Astorino:

Baltimore County and the entire state of Maryland is currently a test case with the racism argument used as a weapon.

“Smart growth” advocates are forcing dense development in suburban and rural areas to curb suburban growth. They claim the suburbs are stealing jobs and wealth from the urban areas.

The cities have been siphoning tax revenues from the suburbs for years, but this rule takes redistribution much further, it allows the federal government to simply take over.

Stanley Kurtz of National Review Online penned an article back in August, 2012 titled Burn Down the Suburbs? In it, he wrote about Obama and his community organizer mentors who hold the view that the cities suffer because of taxpayer “flight” to the suburbs.

Obama lived that belief as a community organizer. He channeled large sums of money from left-wing Chicago foundations where he served on the Board of Directors to anti-suburban activism.

He allied with one of his original trainers, Mike Kruglik, who has an organization called Building One America. It’s the anti-suburban crusade on steroids. They work with the Obama administration.

Kruglik and his colleagues in the movement have met with Obama in the White House. They literally plan to burn down the suburbs.

The suburbs could easily become the neo-slum complete with crime and poverty. It does undermine the minorities currently living in suburbs who fled the liberal cities that have been crushed under the weight of decades of corruption and bad policies. For example, only 16% of Detroit’s blacks live within the city limits.

Politically, Democrats have become less competitive in the suburbs so they’ve taken the next step. The federal takeover of suburbia will be accompanied by the loss of the American Dream of home ownership, raising oneself up the social and economic ladder, and even the right to own and drive a car. The extreme environmentalists want you out of your car.

LaRaza and other far-left groups strongly backed the rule which will likely end up forcing towns and cities to accept illegal immigrants among other “protected” classes of people.

LaRaza said that “Hispanic families often do not know their housing rights and have cited fear of deportation as reason for not reporting rights violations.” The majority of people who fear deportation are illegal, unskilled, poor, welfare recipients and they are coming into this country in the hundreds of thousands each month.

We see “refugees” from foreign lands being poured into towns and cities throughout the country. When towns resist, they are labeled “pockets of resistance” and the Soros “Welcoming America” groups come in to pressure the local politicians. More information can be found at Refugee Resettlement Watch.

Illegal immigrants and refugees are being used to re-populate areas throughout the country to establish their one-party majority. Many are sent into suburban and rural areas. Their goal is a country within a country of foreigners who will be indoctrinated and eventually be ready to takeover the remaining traditional citizens.

The days when Democrats supported suburbia are long gone and they have launched a full-out war against them without people even knowing it’s happening.

This rule passed two years ago in 2013 but it is only being enforced now because Obama wants to slip it in under the radar.

This is totalitarianism.




  1. Who will pay the taxes on these properties? What about the neighborhood committees that mandate certain levels of class be exhibited by all members of the suburban?. No cars on the street. No pitbulls. No loud music, no trash in the yards. Everyone must comply to certain standards in order for the committees to remain beautiful and decent. You move ghetto trash into a suburban neighborhood you are only creating another ghetto. These people that are to be integrated into these neighborhoods are trash. Living off the government and destroying everything they have been given. Take one look how they live, not because of poverty, but because that’s who they are! That’s what they are! Generations of poor ignorant degenerat thieving lying criminals. This is the worst idea ever. It will cause everyone to move to the country and leave the gigantic ghettos that HUD and the picaninies have created to be abandoned by all Whites who have any self respect and self worth! When you go to celebrate the forh of July and you can’t differentiate gun shots from fireworks you know there is a ghetto near by. HUD should be dismantled and obama should be arrested for domestic terrorism!

    • They are mapping every neighborhood in the country. If he has his way, there will be no place untouched.

      • You are so right it will never be the America we once knew & Loved a 3rd world Country in the making

        • turf world in the making ?

          too many out here ARE residing in the turd world DUE TO NO LAW ENFORCEMENT & these laws range from the BASICS as in occupancy,sanitation and LEGAL residents.

          WESTCHESTER CAN fight back right along THEIR LEVEL and that level IS THE COURTS.

          • Ey…………I live here in the 3rd world. No chemtrails, no rat poison in our drinking water, no abortion, no no no forced housing integration with ghetto people. no mon-satan, no welfare, no entitlement, like free cell phones,no abusive police,no forced vaccinations, no gun control, no IUD for our pre-teen.

            3rd world is heaven.

            You are going to lose EVERYTHING if you don’t do anything.

            you should start leaving USA while you still can or…..

            listen…. I googled “right sector” of Ukraine. You should look into it. they are called the nationalists. They love their country and are willing to kill (not die) for it.They got tired of being pushed, they stood up. formed their own defense. they are keeping the ukrainian army on the run.

            I doubt you can do the same. You are not made of the stuff your grand fathers were made of. We could smell their clean, definite man-ness a mile away. and they walked their talk, too. Impeccable Douglas McArthur. Heh….we so love that americano and his entire army.

            When I check your energy signature, you amerikanos, you smell like ….feminine chickens? Like Caitlin Bruce Jenner..?.

            at this point, you have nothing else to lose because you have slowly and willingly given up every vestige of freedom that your forefathers have earned for you.

            Do you know how to boil a live frog so that it will not jump out of the pot..?
            Go keep doing what you are doing. Before you know it, your balls are all cooked.

            • I suggest you look a little further into the Ukrainian ‘Pravyi Sektor’ (Right Sector).
              Other associated topics would be Dmytro Yarosh, Azov Battalion, Aydar Battalion, and a place called Kramatorsk.
              I doubt if you’ll be referencing Right Sector again in the future.

    • Amen to that. There are many who are not thankful for what they are given. Neighborhoods which are relatively crime free compared to “ghetto” neighborhoods will Will see crime #’s skyrocket. Remember. There are many home in foreclosure held by banks. If you don’t think the feds won’t confiscate them then you’re a fool. There is a silver lining to this. To all white suburbia who voted selfishly for Obama just to get healthcare your chickens are coming home to roost. I can hear them now saying ” I didn’t vote for Obama for this” enjoy’s

    • I agree. No one has the balls to make the arrest or dismantle HUD. This guy always wiggles out of whatever they try to do to him. He should ha e been impeached a long time ago. But he still remains. Go figure that one.

    • John!, get with it! you only read the first 377 pages. There is a 378th page that is classified. It says all the other rules you mentioned are no longer allowed. So, get your spare tire out and make a flower garden in it and now you don’t have to pay to have your old refrigerator hauled away. Any “extra” benefits you get from your property taxes will now be paid for by me. Incidentally, I live half way across the country from you, why do you think Bernie wants a 90 % tax bracket.

    • This does not make any sense at all. What about Cattle Farmers, and Vegetable Farmers, Orchard Farmers and all other farmers do they get to live in the rural area?? If not who is to feed all these millions and millions of people Obama!!

    • Those “officials” giving the orders to commit these crimes against the honest working citizens need to start having “accidents”. If their replacements don’t rectify the situation, them as well.

    • I think if the GOP will leave Trump alone, and work w him to get elected, we could have a chance to get some of this crap stopped or reversed to a degree. He seems to want to stand up against this bs and get some of Obama’s evil deeds wiped out before they bear too much fruit. If the GOP doesn’t turn him into a clone of themselves to save their own elections coming on, then turn him loose and let him go balls to the wall. He doesn’t care what people think of him, he does care about this nation. Pure conservatism is dead, sadly. People need to face that and play with the deck of crap we’re dealt today. Harsh, kick ass, get things done. Or we’re done this time. Agenda 21, 30 and all the other radical changes are choking the life out of us. We must also make ourselves known, in person!! at local city council meetings, local elections, school board meetings, etc. Work local so you can be heard. It’s on our backs, too, to speak up and not allow local leaders to be $bought by the Agenda teams working to do that in every city, suburb, farm and ranch community. Knowledge and using it is our best weapon in the fight against redistribution of any kind!

  2. Hud is ignorant and it’s not very well thought out. For example, the cost of living is expensive in these neighborhoods. Taxes, clothes, food, goods and services cost more. How will poor people afford them? The price of gas is high. Even people who live in middle class suburbia struggle. Obama’s entitlement programs are not enough to afford these costs. I live a few blocks from the railroad tracks, (that may sound funny but here’s the point) over the large hill are expensive million dollar homes that generations have handed down to their kids. It costs to live there. What will happen when a person cannot afford it? HUD surely did not account for it, nor care. Taxes on So. California properties are high and no one gets in these places just willy nilly because HUD came up with a plan. Get real HUD. There’s a reason why it’s wise to live within your means. Let’s hope people are made aware of this fiasco. Just another way to get the socialist agenda through the back door.

  3. I think “Housing” is mentioned in the Constitution in Article Twelve. Of course “Urban” is in Amendment Forty Two and “Development’ is in Section 242 of Article Seven Hundred Nineteen.

    This has all become so easy for them, it’s like taking candy from a baby. Samantha Powers’ husband’s “Nudge” is sooo yesterday. It’s pushing and shoving time.

    • ….and next to the Hollywood elites on their expensive acreage, ocean views, gentle breezes. Maybe each family could foster a criminal alien and bring his family, too. Throw in a couple federal convicts of the new 60k that SOB just released early, and hey!! party in tinsel town. Politics, who you know, who you blow.

    • I agree with you and if this does happen you can bet there will be major murders, rapes, robberies and the list will go on and on . its time to revolt against this madness from the head sodomite or your children will be doomed to a life of squalor and filth and with no jobs for sure.

  4. I wonder how all those rich white liberal Obama supporters in their gated communities will like it when part of their golf courses have to be converted to mobile home lots, you know, just to be fair to all the underachievers that support Obama… They want to live in gated communities too…

    • I agree, but not until it causes a lot of misery. I’m concerned that it’s giving the federal government power over local governments – we might not be able to undo that so easily.

  5. He calls himself a Progressive just like Hillary, these Progressives have nothing to do and are nothing like the Progressives from the later 1800s and early 1900s! Obama is flat out a Socialist who’s hiding a Marxist within and Hillary is a Socialist. Sorry but this country is a Republic and they are in the wrong country to try to force American Citizens to do anything. He says he wants us to force mixed neighborhoods! Well Obama I really hate to burst your bubble but I already live in a mixed neighborhood like many other people do! No one forced me or them to live in a multi ethnic community!

    A large percentage and I’m not talking about mega cities but the truth is a greater percentage of this country already lives in multi ethnic communities! No one forces ethnic groups in cities to form little ethnic groups. The government used to blame economic and cheaper housing but that’s not always the case. Some minority ethnic groups choose to live closer together because of language and customs. Yes there are ethnic groups who do live in areas that are predominantly them usually it’s because of cheap housing but no one forces them to live their either.

    Again no one twists anybody’s arm to live where they do because if they don’t want to be there, all they have to do is like everyone else in this country! Get up and work your ass off and do what needs to be done to get out.

    Sorry no excuse here but I don’t agree with forcing new housing or apartment complexes should be forced to except HUD or any kind of welfare or whatever name they choose to call a program. To many times I’ve seen beautiful new apartment complexes or housing communities, homes that were forced to except welfare persons and what happens is the places inside and out start looking trashed, besides all the undesirable criminal activities start. I’ve lived in many places but it never ceases to amaze me and I’ll use this analogy . . . it’s like a mass of locust came in stayed for awhile then moved on to greener pastures!

    The truth is if someone works hard all their lives and it doesn’t matter their ethnic background because we all work hard and we make it and become upwardly mobile and move into an exclusive community they shouldn’t be forced to have welfare or assisted housing person next to them. Maybe people would feel differently if the home and property were maintained.

    Sorry, if they have to have help paying the rent or HUD assistance they can’t afford to keep a large place up inside or outside especially if the home has a pool. Pools are not cheap and maintaining a pool can be expensive. Anyone who’s ever had a pool even an above ground pool will tell you it can get expensive. Anyone who works hard has to work harder to keep what they have. I live in a modest home by choice because that’s my choice and I live in a mixed neighborhood with many wonderful neighbors.

    Obviously this is another situation where Obama is out of touch with what actually is and is only interested in his personal agenda. The other problem is he was not raised in this country. He lived in foreign countries for the better part of his youth until he came back as a teen when his mother became ill. His mentors were all radicals, Socialist and Marxist who influenced him greatly. Even as an adult everyone he appears to have socialized with prayed with or worked with have had radical ideals. At different times in his life he’s portrayed himself as a foreigner, the truth is if he had any loyalty, love, honor and patriotism for this Republic he wouldn’t be trying to turn it into something it’s not and can never be.

    Frankly there is nothing the government can do to force or make patriotic citizens even liberals into Socialist because a true American Citizens would fight to the death to keep their Constitutional Freedoms and Rights. Get it!

  6. It’s already happening. One small example is when a pool is being used as a tool to cry racism. People who live inside gated communities will soon find out that there gates mean nothing. God Help Us as America falls to the leftist loons.

  7. Don’t know what’s happening with your blog. First time I’ve seen this kind of language used. Too bad.


    • Terry Schuck, people are seriously angry in this country and ‘bad’ language just might be the lesser of poor options to express that. Be glad.

    • I didn’t get a chance to cut out the bad language. I don’t think they’re trolls, just angry, but the board doesn’t allow racism or extreme cursing.

  8. Finally an unelected federal agency will decide where people will be allowed to live.
    The REAL PURPOSE, which everyone is missing, is to gerrymander congressional districts (based on voting patterns) and keep Republicans in the minority forever.
    Why would anyone complain?

    • What does it matter whether Republicans or Democrats win any more? We Americans gave the GOP the largest congressional majorities in two generations and what have they done with it? Have they impeached Ob*ma? Have they repealed Ob*maCare? Have they put up a border wall? Have they expelled the Mooselums and illegals? NO! They are HELPING Ob*ma by passing TPP, combined with the forced housing rule will create 300 million new illegal immigrants living next to you!

  9. They are going to force undesirables on you whether you like it or not. They are totalitarians and they are going to dictate how things are going to go down.

  10. There are limitations to a government agency and a person elected to public office.
    This issue was not voted on by the local people living there
    This action is not because of an urgent need. This is generated by the government not the people.
    The program is bogus and they should call them on it
    Government cannot move people for the purpose of votes and election outcomes

  11. Next thing you know they’ll be forcing people like me out of the rural areas and into the suburbs. Agenda 21 is hard at work here.

  12. Yes, the “chickens” will come home to roost in a suburban enclave near you. This is at heart, truly a generational problem. For instance….I happen to know that for a lot of you, your parents and even grandparents fled the cities such as Detroit, leaving behind all the existing infrastructure such as utilities, and things like that for newly found areas in the so-called far flung suburbs. Left all that progress funded by taxes that were hard paid by at least 6 or 7 generations to build up old settlements that developed into the major cities without firing a shot, and given to the groups of generational malcontents that we all understand who they are. Thinking that you were safe from the malcontents, you snugly and smugly existed in your suburban enclaves for at least 2 or 3 generations, and looked down at people who were not like you. Now….this is how it’s gonna run. You bought that 500,000 house and now, all of a sudden, you have either a new 600 unit section 8 rental complex that you can see from your front or back 1/2 acre yard, or, HUD buys the house next to you and installs a black neighbor for you. You are introduced to rap and hip-hop culture until 2 in the morning, when “they”, conk out from the booze, drugs and hard partying. Then one day, you don’t even feel safe cutting your grass in broad daylight. You begin to notice people that look like your new neighbors, walking around aimlessly around your block, usually in the street…not the sidewalk…ever. Then one day you begin to notice all those white females congregating around those houses with the black neighbors in them, and you wonder “what the hell is going on”. ( even the 5 or 6 houses that were suddenly put up for sale–they were quickly bought up by HUD, and new neighbors were installed in them….for you) Now you find that the house you paid half-a- million for is worth no more than 100,000 or less. You have nobody except yourself to blame. Some of you saps voted for the mass integrator TWICE. ENJOY

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