Success! Sanctuary Law Loses in City Challenge


The LA Times reports that an Orange County Superior Court judge determined Thursday that California’s “sanctuary state” protections for undocumented immigrants infringe on Huntington Beach’s local control as a charter city.

This is the first city to successfully challenge the law.

Senate Bill 54, authored by state Senate leader Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles), in many cases prohibits state and local police agencies from notifying federal officials about the impending release of immigrants in custody who may be deported.

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5 years ago

Immigrants in local custody should ALWAYS be checked against other systems and upon any type of local release, there is suppose to be coordinated efforts with the feds. The whole concept of inter coordination was meant to help find and deport possible law breakers. 9-11 happened and as a result of that we realized the need to find illegal aliens in our midst that don’t deserve to be here. If they got busted at local level, they obviously are disrespectful of society. I’ve NEVER been arrested so why do some feel these aliens should be allowed to harm our nation with their F-you attitude? I believe that ALL arrests from all states should immediately be fed into a central data base that is monitored 24-7 by ICE. Upon release from local custody, ICE can be waiting to verify legal status and full identity. Let’s clean up our country. We have so many people trying to tear us down and destroy everything good we cherish and value.

Dave Huff
Dave Huff
5 years ago

To be overturned……