Letter to the Editor


Suffolk County – Individual or CollectiveYour vote counts…

Will you vote for Mark Lesko, the head of the nanny Town of Brookhaven, who believes that you are not smart enough to make a decision during a crisis. Why, you ask? Did you know Lesko banned the sale of alcohol the day of Hurricane Irene. After all he is proud to say he was a prosecutor. Now Lesko has moved on to judge and jury!

Lesko along with Fiore-Rosenfeld, LOVE swallowing up private property for the guise of the collective good. Really? Look at the Carmen’s River, Main St – Setauket, Gyrodyne, West Meadow Beach. Follow the money and you will always see where it leads!

And who doesn’t like those red light cameras everywhere? Don’t you feel you are in a Get Smart movie driving around our community? Cameras everywhere. Of yeah, for the common good!

And the newest town nanny state move — the town is planning to install 16 sensors in the area of the Bellport train station. Like that is going to make me feel more safe to shop there. Really? I don’t think so.

Our elected officials have failed us. They are taking away our freedoms at a monumental pace. Stand up to tyranny. Don’t be fooled by the guise for the common good. It is all about control. The ruling class does not know what is better for our households. Only, we do.

Stand up for personal responsibility. Stand up for accountability. Stand up to all the back door fees. Stand up for the individual.

America is on the move. Move out of our way. We, as Americans, will never allow the elitists to decide our fate. It may have taken some time to awaken us. But, more and more are awakening every single day, every single moment. We love our country and we will work tirelessly to rid our nation of the disease of socialism and communism.

Vote, Tuesday, November 8th.

Vote for freedom & liberty!

Vote the bums out!


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