Suicide by Nuke Deal



CNBC reported that “in his first speech since a nuclear agreement was reached with world powers, the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, voiced support for the deal without criticizing any of its terms, providing his version of an endorsement that could remove the most significant obstacles to its domestic approval.”

If the Ayatollah is pleased, that should tell us something. He added that it will not end the hostility between our nations.

Several sources have reported that the United States acted as Iran’s agent during the negotiations which led to a nuclear deal that some say relies on trust of a regime bent on terror and colonial expansion throughout the region.

Barack Obama is ignoring our laws and our Congress, and going straight to the U.N. to allow them to vote on the treaty aka nuclear agreement with Iran before Congress votes. The Corker Amendment that he agreed to was supposed to stop this. The total contempt for our laws is mind-blowing.

It is an affront to the U.S. people and Congress.  It is also a maneuver that makes the American people irrelevant and gives the U.N. the ultimate authority.

Congress only has a direct say over the status of U.S. sanctions on Iran, probably nothing else. The Congressional 60-day review period will be usurped by the U.N.

Once the U.N. gives its okay, all sanctions by every other nation will be removed. Game over.

Barack Obama has not so subtly aligned the United States with the terror-sponsoring nation of Iran while alienating our allies in the region.

He has repeatedly made this a case of choose his deal or go to war, but in removing the sanctions, he has removed the one tool we had to control Iran. Instead of tightening sanctions which were putting a stranglehold on Iran’s economy, he will give them an influx of billions which they can use to finance terror.

In addition, the European countries and it appears the U.S. as well will teach Iran how to protect its nuclear facilities from attack and to help them build the next generation centrifuges.

It has also been confirmed by both U.S. and Iranian officials that no American nuclear inspectors will be allowed to enter Iran to inspect any nuclear sites. We’ve relegated ourselves to oblivion and empowered the U.N.

However, where we come in is to help Iran learn how to thwart and detect threats to its nuclear program, according to the parameters of a deal . We will also help Iran construct next-generation centrifuges to enrich uranium at Fordow, the facility deep underground which is impenetrable to air strikes. This should help in Iran’s clandestine work.

We will be actively sponsoring the development of Iranian nuclear technology and we will be protecting it.

In terms of verification, it’s more trust than verification though Barack Obama has said the opposite. International inspectors are allowed access to nuclear sites after 24 days but the bureaucratic morass allows Iran to delay and obfuscate.

Sanctions are removed and the most important tool we had to stop Iran is now gone.

Iran has promised to pause its nuclear program for ten years. According to the president, Iran will get rid of 98% of its stockpile of uranium. International inspectors will have access to inspect sites “where necessary, when necessary.” If Iran cheats on the deal, sanctions will snap back, Obama said.

One thing is for certain, no one will agree to snapping the sanctions back.

The U.S. must rely on Russia to maintain the arms embargo as a result of this deal. Despite Russia’s interest in selling arms to Iran, the U.S. has granted them a key role in preserving the arms embargo.

The deal gives Iran hegemony in the region where they constantly stir up chaos and engage in terror.

When the Ayatollah said “all our goals are materialized” under this deal, he was serious. He was so thrilled that he led Friday prayers with “Death to America” chants on Friday.

Hillary Clinton has called this thing “an important step” and Nancy Pelosi has given it her “strong support.”

Mark Levin believes the deal will start WWIII. Saudi Arabia says the deal is worse than the North Korean deal. Some nations in the region have promised to secure nuclear weapons and the arms race begins. Barack Obama promises that ‘We have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region’.

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  1. Obama =hes in the process of rewriting our constitution bypassing skipping right over congress. I unfortunately I believe Mark Levin is right WW111 is coming.

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