Suing Opioid Manufacturers for the Drug Crisis Makes Sense If You’re a Politician


Suing opioid manufacturers is the latest approach to tackling the drug crisis in this country. It’s similar to the thinking that goes into suing gun manufacturers for crimes committed by criminals. It’s a gimmick when you are forced to watch drug cartels take up residence in your sanctuary state but can’t do a thing about it.

The Rockland County, New York Executive Ed Day is declaring war on opioids by suing the manufacturers of opioids who legitimately make the drugs that legitimately help people who need them. They wold deprive people who have mental and physical issues.

While we are talking about it, what happened to personal responsibility?

Suing Big Pharma is really popular these days so that’s what he is doing as are other local municipalities.

They aren’t going to evict their drug dealing illegal immigrants nor will they tell the truth about the problem of open borders or importing refugees who can’t get jobs.

Day disclosed the effort Monday as newly reported data on fatal overdoses show Rockland had 37 drug-related deaths in 2015, up 85 percent from 2010.

“We are declaring war on opioids, heroin and other drugs that are stealing too many of our residents, particularly our young people, and it is only getting worse,” Day said.

The same thinking is prevalent among politicians in neighboring counties.

Westchester County had the third-highest percentage increase in drug deaths per 100,000, from 5.4 to 12, according to a report by The Rockefeller Institute of Government that analyzed data from 2010 to 2015.

The hardest-hit communities were centered on the city of Buffalo, where Erie County’s drug-related death rate increased 256 percent, from 8.9 to 31.7 deaths per 100,000. In Onondaga County, which includes Syracuse, the rate increased 145 percent, from 8.8 drug deaths to 21.6.

These counties have a high percentage of illegal immigrants and refugee youth who can’t get jobs but find the gangs.

Rockland County have 69,000 immigrants; Monroe County had 61,000 and Erie County have 59,800.

In fact, New York’s population has increased in recent years only because of an influx of immigrants [mostly illegal], including the addition of 118,748 residents last year. Only California and Florida added more foreign immigrants over the past year, according to a report last month from the Empire Center.

Buffalo led the state in the number of Syrian refugees over the past year, with 258, followed by 224 in Syracuse, 105 in Albany and 68 in Rochester, according to the Refugee Processing Center, which reports State Department data.

New York has nearly 4.4 million [most are illegal or refugees] immigrants, second only to California.

Upstate New York is home to drug cartels and they are coming in from Mexico – illegally.

The opioid crisis is getting worse but New York says sue the drug manufacturers and blame the doctors. Let’s sue car manufacturers for the terrorist truck attacks while we are at it.

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