Super Liberal CNN Host Bawls Out Dem Party Under “Boss” AOC


While leveling not-so-veiled criticisms of Republicans, super liberal CNN host Fareed Zakaria actually spoke truth to the Democrat Party and their know-it-all know nothing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Socialist future of the Democrat Party.

He said on his show Sunday that, “If Democrats continue to embrace feelings over facts and swerve further left, they’re going to lead the country into “a new dark age.”


“It’s refreshing to see the Democratic Party bubbling with new ideas, but its new thinking seems starkly different from the party’s reform efforts of the past three decades,” Zakaria said.

“The wonky proposals of the Clinton-Obama era were pragmatic and incremental and mixed market incentives with government action. Today we have big, dramatic, stirring ideas — and that could be the problem. In the zeal to match the sweeping rhetoric of right-wing populism, Democrats are spinning out dramatic proposals, indeed — but proposals in which facts are sometimes misrepresented, the numbers occasionally don’t add up, and emotional appeal tends to trump actual policy and analysis.”

It is annoying to hear him say unfairly that the wacky AOC proposals compare to the right-wing populism, but nonetheless, it is good to know someone in the Dem Party has some awareness of the real world.


“When Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was confronted recently by Anderson Cooper on ’60 Minutes’ about an egregious misstatement about Pentagon spending, she responded: “I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually and semantically correct than about being morally right.

He also mocked her absurd comments about spending the non-existent $3 billion Amazon stood to gain in tax benefits from building a headquarters in Long Island City, New York which would bring in 25,000 jobs.

“Perhaps this casual attitude towards facts explains the way that she and many others on the Left have misrepresented the deal that New York offered Amazon to bring a new headquarters there,” he said.

Universal healthcare

He called out Democrats who are pushing Medicare-for-All.

“Or consider the race by prominent Democrats to embrace Medicare-for-All,” he said. “A variety of expert studies have estimated that total increased government spending would be between about $2.5 and $3 trillion a year. Few of the many proposals being floated would likely raise anything close to that in revenue. And if a Herculean effort were made to raise revenue for Medicare-for-All, there would be few easy avenues to fund any of the ambitious proposals on the new Democratic wishlist.”

Zakaria believes in universal healthcare as a moral goal but doesn’t see it as attainable without doing serious harm to the U.S. economy.

The only realistic version, he said, is basically “Obamacare with a real mandate,” but he noted that those now steering the Democrats would likely dismiss that along with other “incremental policies of the past.”

Wealth taxes

Zakaria doesn’t think much of the wealth tax either and said “there is a reason” that nine of the twelve countries that have imposed them decided to repeal them in the last 25 years: “They massively destroyed economic activity, often incentivizing people to hide assets, devalue them and create dummy corporations.”

After some GOP bashing, he told Democrats not to copy them. “If the Democrats now start moving along this path as well, American politics will truly descend into a new dark age.”


Hopefully, the Democrats won’t listen. The crazier they sound, the better the GOP’s chances in 2020.

Zakaria is very, very much a Democrat and an enemy of traditional America, but he has gotten a lot right here.

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