Supporters of ‘Revered’ Democrat Party ‘Rock Star’ Maxine Burn U.S. Flag


Contributor James Soviero

As Republican officials were being chased out of restaurants and intimidated in their homes by radical Democrats, Maxine Waters was out telling them, her supporters, to do more of it.

Recently, Maxine told her supporters that the Oathkeepers were going to rally and they were armed and dangerous. From what I understand, the group is comprised of former and current, military personnel, police officers, and First Responders. They also ban any white supremacists from their protests or events.

Maxine and others in the Democratic Party use fear and terror to control their electorate.

Maxine’s supporters from the Revolutionary Communist Party and other groups turned out in response to her alarming warning. They staged a raucous flag burning outside her office. They were also bothering people in their cars.

The Oathkeepers rally didn’t amount to anything as expected.

Look for the men in The Revolutionary Communist Party t-shirt in front on the video. The media never notices the Communists.
Notice The Revolutionary Communist Party t-shirt.

According to Democrat Party leaders and many members, Maxine is the Democrat Party ‘rock star’, she is ‘revered, a beacon, an ‘icon‘, and she is known affectionately as Auntie Maxine.

Click here to read about her embrace of the monster who hit Reginald Denny over the head with a cinderblock. Click here to read about her corruption.

Watch her supporters:

Maxine did try to walk back from her supporters’ ‘protests’.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
5 years ago

With apologies to Obama’s racist pastor, Reverend Wright, Waters’ “chickens have come home to roost”.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

A promoter of hate and bitterness, manipulating the malcontents to mob violence. Then hides behind a phony facade of self-righteousness and pompous arrogance.