Sure, Cory Booker Would Sit Down With Louis Farrakhan


Cory Booker would sit down with racist Louis Farrakhan, the fraudulent man of God. He would do it although he is so very familiar with him.

“I have heard Minister Farrakhan’s speeches for a lot of my life,” Booker said at a political event in Columbia, South Carolina.

After he was asked the question of whether he would sit down with him, he said, “I don’t feel like I need to do that, but I’m not one of these people who says I wouldn’t sit down with anybody to hear what they have to say.”

“I am very familiar with Minister Farrakhan and his beliefs,” Booker continued, noting that Nation of Islam literature is popular in Newark, where he used to serve as mayor.

Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam is a hate group.

It really depends on what he’s meeting with him for. If he’s trying to get him to do something good, that’s okay. If it’s for advice like so many in Congress, that’s not so good.

Booker has been known to hang with BDS supporters and heartily defends anti-Semite Ilhan Omar. He says he loves Jews and Farrakhan and has stuck up for Farrakhan until very recently. He’s often heard quoting a violent, anti-Semitic racist — Stokely Carmichael.

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4 years ago

Farrakhan is a true man and spokesman of the Supreme Being. Yhe fraudulent ones are the member of the Synagogue of Satan who masquerade as a covenanted people while promoting all manner of evil, injustice, lying, stealing, mischief-making, filth, degeneracy, and unnatural, sexually deviant lifestyles. Glad to help with your perspective.