Surprise! Happy Thanksgiving! Obama Gave 9.5 Million Acres to the Owls


He Loves His Northern Spotted Owls

While we were preparing our turkeys, Obama gave away over 9.5 million acres to the spotted owl. The owl has been on the endangered list but already has over 4 million acres reserved just for them in Washington, Oregon and Northern Cali and it hasn’t done anything to preserve them. [Human Events]

This will severely affect commercial activities such as logging and greatly reduce jobs in the timber industry. It will cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Until studies are done, never-ending studies, that only go one way, logging and thinning of forests will be reduced or disappear so as not to harm the owls. We can expect an increase in bugs and more jobs for China, yea! Don’t forget the increased forest fires if we don’t thin the forests ourselves.

The spotted owl has been on the endangered list for 20 years, maybe because its time is up. Creatures come and go, or they used to, but not in the same way since man has started messing with Mother Nature, upsetting her apple cart at great cost to us.

It seems that the government spraying is killing a lot of the owls but that won’t stop spraying any time soon. The paper pushing environmentalists fail to mention that the  Spotted Owl lost its ground when it was being used as an object of the hunt.

Putting the land aside has done nothing for the owls so far, so what do we do, we DOUBLE the land of course, so we can get double nothing. In fact, Bush tried to push it back after implementing his original owl land preservation deal but he lost in the courts.

The ten years of no timber cutting will have a deleterious effect on the forests and on jobs, but, what the hay, this is all about taking land for government use anyway, isn’t it?


To add a little more noise to the “gift” of our money to this enormous land preservation scheme.

The Gun Owners of America (GOA) have expressed concern about bill S3525 which gives Obama almost unlimited power to seize e private lands for “environmental” purposes for “aquatic habitats” [sections 201(8) and 204 (d)(2). The definition of this term is limitless and includes seizure of lands in order to “protect the quality and quantity of water sources” and to “serve as a buffer protecting the aquatic environment.” [Section 201 (2)]

It gives a lot more power to bureaucrats instead of Congress. We all know how the EPA has used the Clean Air Act to limit our rights and this will be more of the same.

S3525  allegedly requires the consent of landowners prior to the seizure but there is a loophole, Section 211 (e) (2), which says this only applies to property seized with federal funds and under section 204 (e), half the funds will come from non-federal forces.

The government is good about catering to their private donors since they are crony socialists and I believe this loophole will be used.

Inexplicably, the NRA has no problem with this but they inexplicably like Harry Reid too.