What Susan Rice Did…Wait for It…Wait for It…Wiretapped


What Susan Rice did…you won’t believe it….but…she WIRETAPPED!

Trump being right so often is getting boring.

As Fox News reporter Adam Housley reported earlier, Trump’s team, and possibly Trump were surveilled for a year before the inauguration.

Susan Rice asked for the unmasking of Trump associates, perhaps Trump himself, on numerous occasions according to reports by investigative reporter Mike Cernovich and Bloomberg’s Eli Lake. Apparently NY Times’ Maggie Haberman sat on the story because she’s a good little soldier.

Obviously, if Rice did it, she did it for Barack Obama. Maybe this is why he’s in Tahiti laying low. Can we extradite from there? [That’s a joke!]

The intel was shared with everyone at the top. We also know that Hillary was getting Top Secret intel and could have been reading this material which had nothing to do with national security.

President Trump has been bashed day and night for tweeting he was wiretapped. We don’t know if Trump Tower was tapped but his team certainly was.

On January 20th, the NY Times called it wiretapping though they later “fixed” the title.

This entire Russia fake news will come back to haunt Democrats.

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James Hawkins
James Hawkins
6 years ago

History will show that the Obama administration was the most unethical to date.