Susan Sarandon Faces Death Threats from Dems for Saying Hillary Would Be “Dangerous”


Actress Susan Sarandon says the U.S. “Would be at war” If “dangerous” Hillary Clinton had won. She’s right about that! Sarandon is very far left but she has this correct.

Sarandon used to show up at Occupy Wall Street and egg them on. They were communists, socialists, and anarchists.

People are attacking her viciously for saying the Clinton presidency would have been a “disaster”.

In an interview with The Guardian, the actress and activist said she didn’t regret her comments before and since the election that a Clinton presidency would be a disaster for progressive issues. “I did think she was very, very dangerous. We would still be fracking, we would be at war [if she was president]. It wouldn’t be much smoother. Look what happened under Obama that we didn’t notice.”

Sarandon said she faced relentless abuse, death threats and misogynistic attacks from Clinton supporters and others on the political left.

She supported Bernie at first, then Jill Stein in last year’s election.

“I got from Hillary people ‘I hope your crotch is grabbed,’ ‘I hope you’re raped.’ Misogynistic attacks. Recently, I said ‘I stand with Dreamers’ and that started another wave,” Sarandon told the Guardian adding that people on the left blamed her for Clinton’s loss directly.

Some might say Bernie or Stein would have been a lot more dangerous but everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions.

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