Suspect Identified in Toronto Terror Attack as Alek Minassian


The suspect who plowed into a crowd of pedestrians in Toronto Monday has been identified as Alek Minassian, age 25. It is being described as a terror attack.

He killed nine people and injured another 16. Eight have been admitted to the hospital and five of them are in critical condition.

After he mowed the people down, he got out of the car and appeared to be waving a gun. Watch:

Minassian drove onto the sidewalk on two occasions, fled the scene in the vehicle, but was later captured by police.

Law enforcement described it as a deliberate act, according to CBS News. Minassian is described as “Middle Eastern”.

Former NYC Police commissioner Bill Bratton stated on MSNBC his sources in Canada say van driver in Toronto was known to Police and now consider incident a terrorist attack.

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