Suspected Thief/Spy Imran Awan Has an Active Account on Democrat House Computers


This report was published by The Daily Caller News Foundation [DCNF] last evening. Luke Rosiak who broke this story wrote that Debbie Wassermann Schultz’s former IT tech “still has an active, secret email account on the House computer system”.

It is not known id it had been used recently.

This is as the tech is being investigated for theft and possible cybersecurity violations. His family has described Imran Awan as a person who “will do anything for money” and one who has beaten his own mother-in-law for money his father left to her.

Rosiak found the information in court documents.

“A landlord mentioned the address in a claim he filed against Awan for unpaid rent at an apartment called Morningside. “He told me that he worked for the House of Representatives, his email is,” the landlord said in Fairfax, Va., court records show,” Rosiak writes.

His still-active email address is “linked to the name of a House staffer who specializes in intelligence and homeland security matters for Indiana Democratic Rep. André Carson. Court documents and emails obtained by TheDCNF show Awan used the address in addition to his standard account.”

Authorities didn’t know about this account and it was still accepting mail as of Tuesday. This second account is linked to Nathan Bennett who works for Carson.

Carson’s aide Jessica Gail wasn’t concerned and hadn’t even informed the congressman of the details. She said they do not have control over the email account and that those are controlled by the House Information Resources office.

There has been no confirmation of that yet.

The account could exist because Awan created it to misuse it. Carson’s office still has not notified anyone.

Rosiak writes: “Carson’s office is not showing any concern that an indicted IT guy apparently set up a secret email address using the name of his deputy chief of staff, who is also his top intelligence staffer, and that the account is still active. Since the account was still accepting emails as of Tuesday afternoon, it appears Carson’s office has not alerted anyone of the security vulnerability.”

Meanwhile, these are the same people torturing President Trump over Russia hacking the DNC which is looking more and more like a leak having nothing to do with Russia.

Dana Rohrabacher has a message from Julian Assange that will only be given to President Trump. He will meet with the President. Assange has tweeted that he is willing to give information on where they received the DNC information which he said is a leak, an inside job. Rohrabacher is being accused by Democrats of being a Russian operative, but his role as the senior member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs is to oversee our relations with Russia.

This is Julian Assange’s statement of his meeting with Rohrabacher.

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