The Swamp Is Closing In on Donald Trump, Many Are on His Team


Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah), the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has asked the FBI to give him the supposed memo in which former FBI Director James Comey describes President Donald Trump asking for and end to the probe of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

The Chairman tweeted that he wants it sooner rather than later.

What we know of the memo is that it is not a memo demanding Comey stop the investigation, it’s a memo from a President who just fired a man he admires and who is trying to save him further humiliation and worse.

It will mean more bad publicity for Trump and even more over-the-top attacks.

Deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe reported that the White House did not interfere in any investigations. Why is Chaffetz hot on this now?

Charles Krauthammer, a pundit, a NeverTrumper, and an establishment stalwart, said last evening on Fox that it was “stunning” so few Republicans were coming to his defense but Krauthammer believes it is because of his changing stories, leaving them hanging when they do defend him.

It actually isn’t stunning. The Republicans haven’t been all that supportive since the election or before for that matter.

John Kasich, a NeverTrumper and sort of a Republican, said about impeachment when asked at a town hall, “I don’t think we’re there yet”.

Lou Dobbs says Trump is under attack by Left-Wing media, Democrats, weak-kneed Republicans.

Leaking is a felony, but at least one source says it’s to get Trump to listen

Erick Erickson, author of The Resurgent, in an article “I Know One of the Sources“, explains that he takes the critical articles of the President “with a grain of salt” because the media is so anti-Trump they will run a negative story at the slightest provocation. However, the former NeverTrumper knows one of the sources and he was very pro-Trump during the campaign. The source says they are doing it to get the President to listen.

“The President cares vastly more about what the press says than what his advisers” and leaking to the press is their way of getting him to listen, because, as Erickson puts it, “the President will not take any internal criticism, no matter how politely it is given. He does not want advice, cannot be corrected, and is too insecure to see any constructive feedback as anything other than an attack.”

Sounds like an odd way to get someone to listen – break the law and damage him permanently?

His staff doesn’t like him

Daniel Halper, writing for FreeBeacon, says “No One in the White House Likes or Repects Trump” and he says that is the source of the White House dysfunction.

The reason, the author says, is he is “surrounded by a slew of opportunist, conniving, disloyal staffers who are serving themselves and not the man who won on Election Day.”

One Trump transition official griped to Mr. Halper Tuesday, “He left all the people who like him out of the White House.”

The anti-trumpers outnumber the pro-trumpers.

Mika Brzezinski quoted Kellyanne Conway as saying she needed to take a shower after defending Trump and just does it for the money. Conway later put out a denial, not of the comment itself, but she did say she would make a lot more money in other positions outside the White House, adding she knows, respects, and believes in the President.

Is she pro or anti-Trump?

Halper says much of the staff is skeptical and even hostile to the president. The “consequences of the shared dislike have been devastating, among them a slew of leaks that has kept the administration on the defensive and unable to pursue the agenda of the president”.

Trump can’t have a conversation without it leaking. There are dissatisfied people leaking and Obama holdovers who are leaking, Halper says.

Halper concludes, “To be sure, there are plenty of people who both love and respect Trump. But for some odd reason they are outnumbered in this White House.

As the transition official recommended, ‘[Trump] needs to put in the people he can trust, the ones who were there with him from the beginning.’

‘He brought in the swamp,’ the official added.”

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