Swamp Critter AG Sessions Promises to ‘Honor’ His Recusal


Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from all things Russia the day after he accepted the nomination from the President as Attorney General. He promsed Socialist Patrick Leahy on Wednesday he will continue to honor his recusal.

It was a dirty trick. Because of his absence, under the banner of righteousness, he allowed an unconstitutional probe of the President to begin and continue beyond all reasonableness.

Never once, did he lift a finger to address the corruption or in any way deal with Hillary’s obvious violations.

On Wednesday, he appeared before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies and was asked repeatedly by Socialist Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, if he had “honored his recusal from the investigation into Russian meddling and alleged collusion with Trump campaign associates during the 2016 election.

That was after Sessions refused to speculate on recusal from the Michael Cohen case and the possibility of resigning should Trump fire Rod Rosenstein.

Rumplestiltskin Sessions said definitively, Sen. Leahy, I am honoring the recusal in every case, in every matter that comes before the Department of Justice. I have honored that, and will continue to honor that,” Sessions said.

So, why is he in this job? He has an obligation to quit.

The entire recusal is a joke. While corruption pores out of every vein of the DoJ and the FBI, he is allegedly upright and honorable? Spare me, please.

Sessions probably recused himself because the media and Democrats told him to, but who knows. He is allowing swamp critter Rod Rosenstein to run the entire collusion narrative and probe. Forget that collusion isn’t a crime and there is no evidence of obstruction except from the Democrats — which the DoJ and FBI ignore.

The entire Mueller team is comprised of Obama-Hillary swamp critters. The media are promoting the entire swamp narrative. They are the nattering gators of the swamp.

Sessions’ one claim to fame is he is going after illegal immigrant criminals – or so he says. While D.C. is a sinking pit of corruption, do you know where he is today? He is in North Dakota investiating eight Chinese guys selling Fentanyl. And you know all those MS-13 monsters being arrested? They almost all sit in detention for the legal time period and then most get released into our neighborhoods once again.

He did say the endless Mueller probe should wind down given the state of affairs in the world. That and $2.50 will get you a ride on the dilapadated New York City subway.

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Tim Shepperson
Tim Shepperson
5 years ago

This man is a big disappointment and maybe once this Russian BS is settled Trump will replace him.

5 years ago

When Sessions was Senator I had the utmost respect and admiration for him. He has done an excellent job in destroying that perception. In a previous hearing he was unable to clear himself in the Russian narrative. As one who listened with a sympathetic disposition it came across as disingenuous and not fully forthcoming in his answers. It sounded like he was playing word games and semantics. Considering the revelations regarding McCabe lacking candor, we can apply the same criteria to His testimony. I don’t believe he did anything illegal but I Do believe he wasn’t fully forthcoming. One could assume McCabe has a case, according to his lawyer, when he says he “clarified” his testimony. Is this any different than the Sessions testimony. Therefore, is THIS his reluctance to step into the Russian investigation. Does he fear ending up being “included”.

Unfortunately Sessions has the same arrogance of duty as most politicians in believing “they” are indispensable in solving the issues of the day. Instead of doing what is best, their arrogance overrides any second thoughts or contemplation. There is no consideration given to resigning a position when the duties of that position cannot be fulfilled in all its parts. How can there be any pride in service when that service is not at its fullest potential. There is no merit in doing a job halfway. These days mediocrity is becoming the norm.