CNN Commentator Says Republicans Look Like the Klan


The Democrats constantly engage in stunts but when Republicans bring attention to an unfair situation, it’s condemned, even when it’s justified by a star chamber. A panelist on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper said the Republican’s who went into the Democrat star chamber yesterday looked like the Klan.

The other panelists mocked them as well.


The Washington Examiner reported that commentator Keith Boykin said, “This is a disgraceful stunt. This looked like a Klan group assembled outside of a jail trying to get the sheriff to let them in so they could deliver their own justice against somebody who was inside. It’s not a good look for our democracy. It’s not a good look for the Republican Party. … Republicans are already on these committees that are in this impeachment investigation.”

The left gets crazed when the right even hints at exaggeration but this man can smear 30 Republicans who have had it with the unfair process set up by Democrats?

It isn’t a disgraceful stunt to half the nation. It’s a message to Americans, who get misleading information from the mainstream media, that we aren’t going to tolerate kangaroo courts. It’s also important to note that Adam Schiff, who leads this charade, has been caught in lies. Also, because his staff has spoken with the alleged whistleblower, he is a fact witness and shouldn’t be running anything.

Someone also needs to tell Mr. Boykin that we are not a democracy, we are a Republic.

Tapper mildly rebuked Boykin to which he responded, “I understand. I used it purposely, because I felt like it’s a visual problem, too, to have this group of almost all white men going in, in defense of the white man who already is, I think, by most accounts a racist, instead of dealing with the issue of how this person is abusing his powers as of the president of the United States.”

Obviously, Mr. Boykin is racist.


The constant assault from the left is abusive. They learned nothing from Mueller. They got away with it and will continue the siege. They are the swamp.

There is nothing to the Ukraine situation so far but Democrats will pursue it in this deceptive manner. At the same time, Biden admitted on tape that he threatened the Ukrainians to keep them from investigating Burisma, the company where his son worked and made megabucks for nothing. The media ignores that and claims there is no evidence.

Rep. Meadows summarized it in a tweet:

Ukraine didn’t know the aid was held back until August. The phone call was on July 29th. That is fact. There is no quid in the quid pro quo. No money was kept from Ukraine. This whole thing is ridiculous. It was Barack Obama who wouldn’t arm the Ukrainians and who let Russia take over Crimea. It was Obama who sold out Eastern Europe.

Even if he wants to get dirt on Biden. So what? If the guy is corrupt, the President has the right to investigate.

These swamp critters want to impeach the President for making a phone call. There is no evidence the President pressured Ukraine but the Democrats continue to look for said evidence.

The left has a plan. They will continue to bombard the President with abuse 24/7 to destroy him. It’s as simple as that.

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Lisa Hawks
Lisa Hawks
4 years ago

I’m GLAD the Republicans did what they did, they need to do it every single day…demoncraps suck

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Read American Thinker—‘Kangaroo Court, Jackrabbit, Impeachment by Monica Showalter. “Democrats don’t have a case against Trump and never did, any more than thy had a magic bullet against Trump with the Mueller investigation.”