Swamp Likely Has to Trash Our Economy & National Security to “Get Trump”

The timing of Monday’s FBI raid on the home, office, and hotel room of Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen offers a terrifying look at the Swamp’s strategy to bring down our President.  

This story, like so many others, a slew of which were based on felonious leaks and discredited sources, seemed perfectly timed to smother legitimate, big breaking news that would have surely benefited Trump.   You see, the same day Mueller’s investigation steered a panting media back to the saga of Stormy Daniels, there were 2 major, good for America, possibly historic, foreign policy/trade developments that were deliberately overlooked.

No bold headlines or lead stories about “Little Rocket Man” putting North Korea de-nuclearization on the negotiating table.  No wall to wall coverage of China’s “President” Xi Jinping showing movement in “The Donald’s” direction on tariffs.  Nope.  The possibility of really good news related to our nation’s economy and security had to be broomed by sensational “reporting” focused on the alleged relationship between a pole dancer and the president.

And do you know what?  It worked.  Once Swamp creatures announced the by-passing of attorney client privilege and seizure of Mr. Cohen’s documents, a booming stock market dropped hundreds of points in a matter of minutes.  Have we seen this act before?  Yup.  Recall, on December 2, 2017, ABC’s Brian Ross tanked the markets with a bogus story claiming Trump appointee, Michael Flynn had been asked to contact Russians before (read collude with)  the election.  Oooops.  Flynn was asked to reach out after Donald had won.

If you’re asking why Swamp folks constantly bury uplifting reports guaranteed to reflect positively on President Trump, the answer lies in Bill Clinton surviving impeachment.  To refresh our memories, Slick Willie’s survival had little to do with him being judged on the legal merits of his misbehaviors.  Because of multiple misdeeds, Clinton had his Arkansas law license suspended, got fined $25,000, and was disbarred.

But in the all-important court of public opinion, Clinton escaped conviction, most assuredly in large part, because the nation was enjoying a period of prosperity at home and peace abroad.  The economy was growing, and with what later proved to be deadly terrorist threats overseas being buried, Americans felt good about their personal circumstances.  They didn’t want what seemed a smooth sailing ship to be rocked.

The Swamp critters, in their hate-fueled lust to destroy President Trump, have no doubt taken President Clinton’s escape into account.  As a result, they appear to be doing everything they can to undermine Trump’s presidency, by both concealing his successes, and featuring, whether true or false, his failings.

It is a cynical, dangerous strategy designed to purposefully diminish our President/Commander in Chief.  The ugly plan could be found encapsulated in this week’s events. Trump’s enemies know, with his poll numbers already ticking up, if the economy continues to grow, and he successfully, miraculously negotiates opening some of China’s markets while de-nuking North Korea, he’ll be way too popular to impeach.

So sadly, we can likely count on continued leaking of BS stuff aimed at tanking the markets, and perhaps undercutting President Trump’s ability to optimally negotiate with previously intractable negotiators, Kim and Xi.

Donald Trump cannot be allowed to succeed!  If that means Swamp demons must go on trashing our economy and weakening national security, so be it.  And if hard-working Americans’ quest for peace and prosperity disappears in the process, that’s just too damn bad.  Those millions of little people are just collateral damage in the Swamp’s cult-like crusade against President Donald J. Trump.

Really, really frightening.

featured image by Antonio Branco at Net Right Daily


  1. There’s an article up on Drudge from Mediaite with Erickson describing a conversation with some unknown Republican. He is a person who goes on TV in support of Trump BUT behind the scenes is hostile, to put it mildly, against the President, and has even spoke of Impeachment.

    Well, this confirms many of my suspicions from the very beginning. We can now conclude every Republican who maintains that Mueller should continue are, in fact, hostile to the President. This particular Republican stated “most” would vote to impeach.

    What literally disgusts me is these ‘worthless’ Republicans will NOT take responsibility for THEIR OWN actions. Every time the media attacks the President very few will stand and be counted and THIS was the case in the campaign.

    I became a staunch Republican supporter during the Gingrich revolution but because of the Party I have become completely disillusioned by this same Party. They make promises they do not keep and it has been the trend of late. Whoever this individual is should examine their OWN relationship with his constituents as to why there may be displeasure. If the President’s approval rating is at or above 50 percent then certainly the general public doesn’t agree with him. Therefore maybe this Republican, and others, aren’t communicating effectively with whom they represent.

    • Let me guess… the RINO Republican speaking on background over at Drudge is that weasel Lindsey GrAMNESTY, right? We will NEVER succeed until we purge ALL the RINOs out of the Party… or get out of it completely and form a NEW Second Party… a Liberty Party composed of Constitutional Conservatives, Trumpers and reasonable Libertarians. Send the RINO Republicans the way of the Whigs.

  2. The gas attack in Syria is suspicious, it happened just after Trump advocated a pullout. No proof has been offered that Syria did it. The same things happened one year ago.

  3. What the hell. Mueller is asking Cohen for details on the “Hollywood Access Tape”. More evidence mounting whereby Mueller’s team is an “Operation Research” investigation. How in hell does this tape correspond to Russia or even anything “arising” from the investigation.

  4. Traitors from within their own country crashing its economy and weakening national security is a plan that would make Machiavelli blush.

  5. No wonder President Trump was so incensed by Jeff Sessions announcing he was recusing himself from being involved in the matter of the Russian collusion investigation… opening the door for Robert Mueller to start his witch hunt process. Potus could see all this coming. The fools in both parties cling to the notion that Mueller is fair and unbiased… are you kidding me? He is another former head of the FBI that hides his bias well. He is a snake in the grass, as are all the other no Trumpers on both sides of the aisle that can’t wait for the opportunity to vote for impeachment. I pray that American voters will not allow the tide to turn this fall, so that Trump can continue to make progress; to continue to make this country great again!!!

  6. And the Republicans wonder why they are in dire straits in the upcoming election. From The Hill
    The Senate Judiciary Committee is moving forward with legislation to limit President Trump’s ability to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

    Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wants to add the bill to the panel’s business meeting agenda scheduled for Thursday, a spokesman for the senator confirmed to The Hill.
    These idiot Republicans are signing their own death warrant. They cannot be any more “out of touch”.

  7. The “undocumented Democrats,” or Republicans are not “out of touch;” they know exactly what they are doing. Lose the majority to the Democrats, then they continue blaming them for everything, but their actual agenda gets passed. Trump threw a wrench in their plan. Trump’s base must stop them. Has anyone seen Trump supporters rallying/protesting on immigration, abortion, guns? I didn’t think so, but the Democrats have rallied/protested in huge numbers from DC to across the U.S. When are his supporters going to show their support for him and against the Dems and RINOS? A 63 MILLION-MAN MARCH IS IN ORDER!!!!

    • Natalie, your spot on, I think that most Republicians want the Dems to take over, look at the ones not running again, Issa, Goodlate Gowdy,Lamar Smith, Bill Shuster, Ed Royce,Ted Poe,Charlie Dent,Joe Barton, as of now the list is around 22 Gop house members, now Ryan jumps ship, in December he said he had no plans of leaving congress, some of them might be sick of the D.C. cesspool, others might not want to be around when Trump gets taken down, which is what I think will happen, the Mueller BS is off the charts,

  8. The more water that evaporates from the swamp the more the creatures squirm and panic!!
    Quite a site to see as the establishment of elected officials and elitists , who look down their noses at us “DEPLORABLES”, starting to trip over each other’s feet to rush to edge of the swamp!!!
    There are TRUMP CLUBS forming all over the State of Florida with folks who are motivated to support the President! I encourage all who have faith in Donald Trump to support him and help show the “swamp creatures” that the nets are waiting for them at the edge of the swamp!!!

    • Joe D: I am a Constitutional Conservative who, though I voted for Trump, am not part of his Base. That said, I WOULD CRAWL OVER BROKEN GLASS TO STAND WITH YOU AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT RINO ELITISTS who traduce everything this country stands for and who betray us EVERY DAY for the 30 bazillion pieces of silver they get from the Crony Corporatists and BANKSTERS that OWN THEM!!!

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