Swamptastic Spending Bill Funds More Immigration Judges


Trump put some lipstick on the pig Friday as he announced he would sign the Crummibus. He tried to turn the hiring of more immigration judges into a win.

“We are funding our border patrol agents and our I.C.E. Agents. They are working long hours under tremendously dangerous conditions, we are adding large numbers of immigration judges, high-quality judges. Not only are we adding them in the district court level in the federal level of court of appeals, but we are adding immigration judges at a very high level. So while we are very disappointed in the 1.3 trillion, nobody more disappointed than me because a number so large, it will start coming down.”

Detention facilities are being cut and we are once again catching and releasing. Perhaps the judges will help but don’t count on it.

The immigration judges are the most liberal and left-wing of judges. They are the ones opening up our borders and writing legislation from the bench.

The President Does Get to Appoint

Granted the President will have some control over the appointments but there aren’t very many constitutionally-oriented immigration judges, needed or not. Will he even get them through? Not much is going through Congress.

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