Swastika In A Star of David on a Flag Soars Over Long Beach, New Jersey


Just when you think it can’t get crazier, it does.

There is a UFO religion founded in 1974 which is called Raëlism. They have few members and need attention which they got this weekend when they sent a plane trailing a swastika/Nazi symbol over Long Beach, New Jersey, a Jewish community.

Their symbol, which is on their website, is pictured above.

The raels or whatever they call themselves want to restore the “true meaning” of the symbol. All I can say is, WHY? They say the true meaning of the swastika is misunderstood and it is ‘a symbol of peace and good luck in many Eastern religions’ and a ‘good luck symbol’. Really, who cares?

The real meaning (as opposed to the Raël meaning ) is one of evil and it will be for generations to come, end of story. If the Raëls had any creativity whatsoever, they’d come up with their own untainted symbol. Maybe the  aliens will come and swoop them and their symbol away. We can only hope.

Daily Mail UK: …Beachgoers were stunned on Saturday when a plane flew over Long Beach Island and along the Jersey Shore, towing a Nazi flag.

On the sign was written the word ‘Swastika’, showing the anti-Semitic symbol intertwined with the Hebrew Star of David. 

It was spotted as far north as Manhattan and prompted several calls from concerned viewers to the Long Beach Township Police Department…


  1. i don’t agree with how they did it, but the Swastika is very much a symbol of peace. That symbol has been used for hundreds, if not, thousands of years in many cultures and religions. People only see it as a horrible Nazi related symbol because, they did in fact, steal it, and used it as their own symbol of atrocities they committed. Originally, the swastika was, and is, peaceful, but it does depend on intention.

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