Sweden Is Almost a War Zone, 13 Bombings in 25 Days, If You Complain, You’re “That Sort”


Voice of Europe reported that Sweden has suffered through 12 bombings in 24 days (it’s actually up to 13 bombs in 25 days). They called it a war zone. The entire country has just under 10 million people while New York City has 8 and-a-half million.

Check out the police reaction below. According to the officer, if you complain, you’re a Nazi.

According to the Voice of Europe report: Earlier this month, the attacks have included: an attack on the police station in Malmö, on a multi-family apartment complex, and a car bomb. The most recent attack that occurred on 2 November, was on a nightclub restaurant in Malmö. The Babel nightclub’s front entrance was destroyed by the bomb. There were no injuries in this attack.

We did check the report and all appears to be accurate.

Swedish YouTube vlogger and journalist Peter Imanuelsen, or PeterSweden, who keeps track of bombings in the country, reported that the nightclub explosion was the 12th to rock Sweden in just 24 days (He just tweeted it’s 13 in 25 days).

Russia Today did also confirm the report and we found other confirmation.

The club suffered a worse explosion last year.

Five days after the nightclub bombing, an explosion wreaked havoc at the police station in the southern Swedish town of Helsingborg.

Those are just a few of the areas hit.

Malmö is one of the “especially vulnerable” areas which most of us would call “no-go” zones.

They have a lot of gang-related violence — Muslim gangs of unassimilated, disaffected youth.

In 2015, the Swedish police released a report describing 53 districts throughout the country as “vulnerable,” and 15 listed as “especially vulnerable.” Vulnerable areas are described as having high rates of crime and poverty where police face unique challenges and have to adapt their approach. These neighborhoods may also host violent religious extremism, and locals don’t report crime to police for fear of retribution.

Peter Sweden has been reporting the rapes of Swedish women by “strange men” and that is also a problem. He also counts the increase in other crimes such as shootings.

Sweden was such a safe and lovely place. This is sad.

Look at the reaction from a Swedish police officer.

Thirteen in 25 days. This could be the US soon.

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Jacques Dumon
Jacques Dumon
6 years ago

…the rapes of Swedish women by “strange men” ?
Possibly aliens from Proxima Centauri star.
I always wondered whether aliens converted to Islam.

Ruth A.
Ruth A.
6 years ago

Crickets most other news sites! Thanks Sarah! It would spoil their reality and prove the President and the rest of us are right! President Trump spoke about the rise in crime in Sweden back in February, in which he attributed to the increased immigrants and asylum seekers! It’s started here, and it continues to be ignored by the msm.

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
6 years ago

In 2014, Sweden saw a 50 percent increase in asylum applications from the previous year, with 47 percent of those 81,000 people coming from Syria. And the liberal left-wing socialists in Washington want us to accept these refugees? These are exactly the people President Trump is trying to keep out!