In Sweden, Land of Unicorns, Migrants Laugh After Beheading Woman, Murdering Husband


A police chief in Sweden is asking for reinforcements after five murders in recent days. Four migrants beheaded a woman [or simply sliced her neck open from one end to the other] and stabbed her husband to death in one incident. They laughed during and afterwards, Pamela Geller reported.

Police were called to Northern Stockholm, a region with over 67% migrants from Lebanon, Syria and Eritrea.

They came in time to see a man on top of another stabbing him to death in a house in the area. A woman had already been slaughtered.

Four people were arrested, two were in their early 20s, all were Middle Eastern or North African.

The victims were parents to young children and had been targeted because they were eyewitnesses to another crime and were about to testify, according to reports.

“The reports state that there may be a link to an earlier murder in Stockholm, where one of the parents may have been a witness,” according to Nyheter Idag.

The liberals will say this is just gang activity, and it has nothing to do with mass migration at the expense of the natives.

But…but, Trump is the bad guy for pointing out the problems of mass migration in what was one of the most peaceful countries on earth.

Meanwhile, back in the states, Washington State and Hawaii are suing the federal government over Donald Trump’s travel restrictions. They’re afraid it will negatively impact tourism. If they have a lot of people coming from Iran, Syria, Somalia, and so on, they should give that some serious reconsideration.

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