Sweden, Land of Unicorns, Will Draft Men and Women


Fox News reports Sweden is bringing back the draft and they are going to draft women though they have never been drafted before. They’re blaming Russia but they will more likely need the military against their own migrants.

The feminist government of Sweden – they brag about that – will require men and women to serve the country in the military.

But all is well in the land of unicorns.

If they are so concerned about Russia that they need a police state then how do they think they’re dinky little country will ward Russians off no matter how many people they draft?

This is the country that brings in hordes of unvetted foreigners, many of whom support ISIS. They are the rape and grenade capital of Europe in what once was the most peaceful of countries.  Why should anyone serve them and why didn’t the people get to vote on this?

The government said “the all-volunteer recruitment hasn’t provided the Armed Forces with enough trained personnel. The re-activating of conscription is needed for military readiness.”

In September, non-NATO-member Sweden stationed permanent troops on the Baltic Sea island of Gotland. Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist described the move as sending a signal after Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea and its “increasing pressure” on the neighboring Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

There have also been reports of airspace violations by Russia’s military aircraft in the Baltics and a military buildup in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which sits across the Baltic Sea from Sweden.

When didn’t the Russians menace the Baltic and the Sea?

Under the plan approved Thursday, at least 4,000 18-year-olds could be called up each year. Enrollment should be made possible from July 1, and basic military training with compulsory service from Jan. 1. Swedes will still be able to volunteer for military service.

Will non-white refugees fight for Sweden?

This Marxist Feminist government has been supplying state-funded target training to the unvetted refugees. Huh, what? you say. Not getting them jobs, but rather training them to use big ass guns – the Swedes say are harmless Biatholon sports equipment?

Yes, that’s right, it’s for Muslim refugees. The migrants could probably train the Swedes.


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