Sweden on Alert But Their Borders Are Still Open



Sweden has received reports of an imminent terror attack and they have taken it seriously enough to put their security service on high alert. Iraqi security officials reported that seven to eight ISIS terrorists have entered Sweden to carry out acts of terror on civilians in Stockholm. A cell comprises seven or eight ISIS terrorists according to the Iraqi officials.

“Right now we’re gathering information and intelligence and coordinating with our national and international partners,” security police (Säpo) press spokesman Simon Bynert told the TT news agency.

He added that Säpo is also cooperating with the national police service.

“That means we’re sharing this information with them to see if they can implement measures that fall under their remit.”

Speculation has appeared in local media claiming that Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 70th birthday on April 30 could be a possible target for extremists, AP reported. The royal family, government officials and other dignitaries and royals from the EU attend.

About 300 Swedish nationals have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS according to research conducted by the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT), published on April 1.

Europol reported in March that between 3,000 and 5,000 so-called ‘foreign fighters’ – EU citizens trained in IS terror camps – have returned to Europe and pose a “completely new challenge.”

This is what happens when borders are kept open.

An April report in the Swedish media said Islamists have successfully infiltrated Sweden’s Green Party and will now have political clout as well.

The Greens deny it but it would be a natural outgrowth, wouldn’t it?

The Times of Israel reported it this way:

One refused to shake hands with a female journalist. Another compared Israel to Nazi Germany. A third was seen doing hand signs associated with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood in the background of a live TV broadcast.

The behavior of some Muslim members of Sweden’s Green Party, which is part of a coalition government since 2014, has sparked concerns that the small environmentalist group may have been infiltrated by Islamists.

I’m betting they’ve been infiltrated. It will happen here as well.

Source: Daily Mail


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