Swedish Agency Reports Muslim Brotherhood Setting Up a Parallel Society Intending to Take Over


Via the UK Daily Mail, a Swedish government document reports that with the help of politically correct elite, the Muslim Brotherhood is building a “parallel society” in Sweden to create a powerful political voting bloc. It would move the jihadists closer to their goal of a worldwide Sunni Islamic Caliphate.

The report, which was published on Friday, was commissioned by Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), which is part of the country’s Ministry of Defense.

The paper’s authors claim the Brotherhood is working to increase the number of practising Muslims in Sweden, which they say encourages tension with the secular society and puts community cohesion in jeopardy.

The authors also claim the organization is targeting political parties, NGOs, academic institutions and other civil society organizations.

The paper has created a furor with mass migration supporters, saying it misrepresents Islam. The PC crowd conflates Islam with radical Islam and the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood.

The report further claims that those who criticise the group run the risk of being branded racist or Islamophobic.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the daddy of almost all jihadist groups but plays the role of the peaceful Islamic group. At the same time it spreads propaganda and undermines the society of the country they’ve settled in. It’s their modus operandi.

No matter the truth, isn’t it a little too brassy for newcomers to demand Swedish natives do as they want?

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