Swedish Big Brother Bullies Toy Chain into Reversing Gender Roles in Ads


Sweden has a government advertising watchdog, a self-regulatory agency, which retrains and guides store owners so they can learn to present items for sale as gender neutral.

Top Toy, which holds the Toys R Us franchise, was reprimanded for their Christmas catalog with boys holding toy guns and girls posing as princesses.

Apparently the gender neutralization debate is so powerful in Sweden that the director of sales at Top Toy, Jan Nyberg, said “we had to adjust.”

And whatever you do, don’t say it’s a boy’s toy or a girl’s toy, big brother is watching.

Let’s knock that feminism out of her if we can
I don’t know about this

I never asked for or received princess outfits as a child, I dressed as a cowboy or Indian and I brandished guns because it is what I wanted to do. I didn’t need big brother monitoring the toy stores’ ads.

Should government agencies be allowed to bully private companies to force gender neutrality?

It’s all about forced gender neutralization,

The gender war is more about female empowerment, gender radicalism, and displacing of men from their current roles. Like here, a loud minority is getting their way by convincing the masses:

It’s not really about the toys, it’s about what Tiina Rosenberg, a noted Swedish researcher says it’s about – “The Feminist movement is going to put an end to racism, sexism and homophobia.” Read about it here.

In actuality, they are forcing sexual transformations which could cause confusion as children hit their teens and select their sexual preferences.


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