Swedish School Winning Prize for Taking Most Migrants Is Now a Hellhole


Expressen.se reports that the school winning the Värnhem School Peace Prize for having received the highest number of newly arrived pupils in Malmö now looks like a prison. It’s a hellhole of criminality.

Criminals are trying to recruit the new students. There are problems of drug dealing, and big brawls between different ethnic groups are now commonplace.

Värnhem School in central Malmö has suffered so many problems that they now require security guards and barbed wire.

Teachers worry about polarization and traumatized new students.

In 2015, the school served a banquet for the king, but now it’s shut down regularly over fights that involve the entire student body.

Chaos and fights began with the newly arrived students from the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Police reports cover theft of e-readers to physical abuse to stealing a guard’s stun gun. Religious disagreements are common.

Teachers have alarms on their cell phones to alert them to the many fights that break out.

Värnhem school is not the only school having problems. A 2016 report of a primary school in Malmö had students playing an ISIS execution and a girl wbeing put in a stranglehold.

Parents in another Malmö School alerted school authorities that six year olds were sexually harassed.


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