Sydney Powell’s most revealing interview yet


Sydney Powell’s recent interview with Dinesh D’Souza about massive election fraud is her most revealing yet. She says she does have the evidence and explains how multi-faceted the corruption in voting was.

Under the great questioning by Dinesh, Sidney reveals the massive involvement by the Republican Party to allow the fraud election to be ended instead of pushing for answers. And, she also explained why she is disappointed in President Trump.




  1. The FAIL is strong with the neo-Whig republicants but at least the chamber of commerce lounge is well stocked and Javier (racist!) will keep the greens in good shape on the golf course.
    Two thumbs up to Sidney for having the guts to at least try and warn people about the Big Steal.
    If Trump is in on it as some say then why did they have to go full Zimbabwe with pallets of ballots and he has way more to lose than most.

    O/T-Jill Biden for fishnet stockings czar! Shake it baby, twerk that thang.
    Bwahaha! Is sarcasm mean or evil? Hopefully not.

  2. The best interview I ever saw. And by far the most disturbing. Yes, Google/YouTube censored it but it’s available on Rumble.

  3. The government will never allow its corruption and crimes to be known, they cover up their crimes under the umbrella of “national security.”

  4. Hearing a suggestion that he SS told Malania that Trump might get “JFK-ed ” seems a credible reason from Trump to get out while he was still breathing.

  5. The three part interview by Dinesh D’Souza of Sydney Powell is an excellent summary of the 2020 Election and the condition of this nation. She knows the threat which looms in America. The globalists in America, in conjunction with the communists in China are working to destroy this nation, and they are doing with an implanted Tory class within, and controlling America’s Deep State. All of this is hidden by the main stream media. And …many of the remaining, whether it be Sean Hannity, or others like Tucker Carlson are either in bed with this, or so afraid of it, they won’t mention it on their shows. At this point, only God is powerful enough to reverse where we are…and He may chose not to.

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