Syed Farook’s Father Syed Is Now on a Terrorist List


syed senior

Syed Farook, father of Syed Farook (brother of Syed Farook), all with different middle names, told an Italian newspaper that his son was obsessed with the destruction of Israel, loved ISIS, and came from a very, very liberal family.

The FBI is now looking at the father himself.

ABC News reported that Farook has been placed on a terrorist watch list.

The 66-year old father is on a federal terrorist watch list according to an official with direct knowledge who spoke with ABC News.

The elder Farook also made multiple trips to his native Pakistan including lengthy trips this year and last year.

“The FBI has identified him [the younger Farook] as a known terrorist,” the official said. “He’s dead. But he is now known as a terrorist. His father is an immediate family member who spent extended periods of time in Pakistan. He’s watch listed.”

A former senior counter-terrorism official said that family members of identified terrorists are often added to the Terrorist Identifier Datamart Environment (TIDE) as a precaution during the course of an investigation.

The mother of Syed Farook, Rafia, is a member of a pro-caliphate Islamic group that has ties to a radical Pakistani Group.

Mother Rafia lived with the couple but was clueless on their radical intentions according to her.

The couple received $28,500 in their account two weeks before the slaughter and Syed withdrew $10,000 to buy the rifles, according to a Fox News exclusive. It’s not known if this was a loan or funding from a foreign terrorist organization.

The bombs set by the Farooks were set to go off when First Responders came onto the scene but fortunately didn’t work. It is a hallmark of Middle Eastern terrorism.

There is no evidence that the killers were directed by a terrorist organization overseas, Obama said. The real victims are the Muslims according to Barack Obama.





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