Sympathy Pours Out for Black College Football Star Who Rapes, Degrades White Woman


Corey Batey
Corey Batey

A former Vanderbilt University football player Cory Batey was sentenced to the lightest sentence possible — 15 years in prison in Tennessee and sympathy poured out for Mr. Batey.

“It is one of the saddest cases that I have ever encountered,” Criminal Court Judge Monte Watkins said. “And I’ve been in the legal business for 32 years.”

“All of the defendants in this case basically have life sentences,” Watkins said. “After they get out of jail or prison they will be on the sex-offender registry for the rest of their lives. That’s a life sentence in and of itself.”

Before you feel sorry for him and the other three defendants, listen to what they did. They gang raped an unconscious woman who gave emotional testimony about the rape which she can’t remember.

The men took graphic photos and videos of the rape which helped send them to jail for years. Batey urinated in the victim’s face for good measure and said “This is for four hundred years of slavery you b*tch.”

He was not tried for a hate crime. Why not?

As police told her what happened, the victim said,

“Something permanent snapped that day,” the woman said of seeing the pictures. “I felt myself detach from my body. Now, I feel like I’m walking around in the shell of someone else. A part of me went numb, a sense of being a whole person with hopes and dreams about what’s possible in the world was now gone. I felt my belief that people are inherently good twist into some cruel joke in an instant.

“But sexual assault was not where the attack ended,” she said. Her sobs intensified as the described what else the men did to her.

“Mr. Batey continued to abuse and degrade me, urinating on my face while uttering horrific racial hate speech that suggested I deserved what he was doing to me because of the color of my skin. He didn’t even know who I was.”

In prior court hearings, prosecutors have acknowledged a racial statement was made but it was never said publicly in court.

“I hope that if not today maybe one day you would find it in your heart to forgive me for any damages I may have caused,” Batey said in court, calling the rape an “unintentional tragedy.”

Really? An “unintentional tragedy?”

Two pastors spoke on Batey’s behalf, saying he was a church-going man capable of rehabilitation. Batey’s mother also spoke.

His mother testified it’s not her son and it’s out of character. She would like to meet the victim and apologize.

“Unintentional tragedy” for a vicious hate crime? I’m not feeling the sympathy.



  1. I feel sorry for us……………..THEY GET OUT………………
    Fuck em……oh that’s right, they’ll get ass raped in prison

    • Screw that bring back chain gangs! Why should you and I pay for anyone’s incarceration,regardless of color! Earn your own keep or be euthanized!

      • I totally agree. It’s what? $75,000 a year to house and feed 1 inmate. That’s bullshit. Why do we (taxpayers) have to pay for it.

  2. He got exactly what he deserved and the other one should get worse. The fact that they have been out of jail while awaiting the trial is a shame.

  3. No sympathy for him, but the white Stanford swimmer should have gotten a similar sentence for his rape of an unconscious woman, not just 6 months.

    • While I agree the Stanford animal should have gotten a lot more time this animal with others ganged raped a lady after they rendered her unconscious, they urinated in her face and then s teamed that is was “for four hundred years of slavery”. Now not only is this rape but it’s a hate crime.

  4. What is up with this sick sense of entitlement? Those seeking mercy for Batey who destroyed his life and that of his victim have no mercy for the latter.

    It is hate, bias and that sense of entitlement that lead Batey to his “evil” deeds. Fifteen years is a slap on the wrist for this fiend.

  5. Sympathy? Rape is rape. This man was NOT a slave, in fact he was in college . . . more than many, many whites! 15 years is not enough. The fact that this was a HATE crime, not just rape, makes it even worse. Where in the Bible does it say that it is okay to hate and rape, using some worthless excuse such as 400 years of slavery when the US is not even 400 years old . . . DUH!!! The people extending sympathy to this sorry excuse for a human being should be praying for his soul . . .only GOD can change the outcome of where he goes now. Oh, and to the pastors who feel he is rehabilitatable . . . where is your concern for his victim? What kind of god are you teaching about? My God cares about everyone, not just the black football player that rape and brags about it. My prayers will include you because you are NOT teaching God’s word.

  6. OH YEAH, the bastards really deserve sympathy…I hope they get like treatment in prison and we’ll rehabilitate them when they get out..

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