Syria could drive the Senate towards impeachment says Andy McCarthy


Andrew McCarthy predicts bad impeachment news for Donald Trump after the actions he took in Syria. GOP senators are enraged by Turkey’s invasion.

McCarthy believes Turkey’s invasion of Syria could crack the President’s impeachment firewall.

There is rage over Trump’s decision. It is rage over a policy choice, not over high crimes and misdemeanors. Only the most blindly angry can doubt the lawfulness of the commander-in-chief’s movement of U.S. soldiers, even though it rendered inevitable the Turks’ rout of the Kurds, McCarthy writes.

Many Americans will find his actions defensible, but the senators might be a different story. They are enraged.

The senators have finally become enraged. Democrats turning the country into a socialist hellhole didn’t enrage them. Having power taken from them didn’t enrage them. Lies about them in the media didn’t enrage them. Leaving the borders open did not enrage them. Not to belittle the plight of the Kurds but it was the Kurds 7,000 miles away that enraged them.

It’s not clear yet how bad it will be. Democrats are jumping on this, belittling senators who don’t turn against the President.




  1. To hell with these Republicans to get angry about overseas and sit passively as the Democrats destroy our nation, they deserve to be annihilated in 2020 elections, we might as well get prepared for Biden or Warren, and Socialism until the country erupts into complete chaos.

  2. The American people were robbed by these COMMUNIST RINOS in Capitol Hill in $ 8 trillion dollars.

    More than enough taxpayer money to keep our country free from illegal criminal aliens and muslim religious terrorists desguised as refugees.

  3. McCarthy has always been anti-Trump. He sided with his precious DOJ until Mueller failed then he pretended to switch sides. We’re not fooled, he is from the RINO national review.

  4. No win situation for Trump.

    The left have been screaming about gratuitous wars for years, Obama disengages from Iraq leaving a disaster. Trump does the same and the sky is falling.

    • Trump did not leave a disaster, he defeated ISIS a while back. He pulled some troops out of the immediate area because Turkey was going to invade to protect their interests in the region. You really want us in a war with Turkey? I don’t. Let the region handle it, it’s not our fight. We will not be Kurd babysitters any more.

  5. Syria is NOT a strategic element in our Country’s Middle East interests. The Globalist Hawks need America to get bogged down in endless war fighting everybody’s civil wars. I wrote to my States Congressional Delegation during the Obama years to not get us entangled but everybody said Do Something after the alleged gas attacks. Obviously the lessons of Viet Nam were not learned and Trump is right to pull us out. It’s also past time to get the hell out of Afghanistan.

  6. Go ahead Republicans, just try to attack our president. It will be the last thing your ever do. You ALL will be replaced.

  7. McCarthy has been waiting for the right moment to resume attacking Trump. His book was released during his pro-Trump act and he appeared on many shows to sell it. Now that he has faked supporting justice, he can resume his real self.

    He got the Russian collusion thing wrong for 2 years, he has a bad record of predictions. In this situation, he is joining with other phony conservatives to pile on the president for impeachment.

  8. Trump pulls a couple of dozen of our remaining troops out of the area, and all hell breaks loose. In the area where our troops were, and in DC.
    That region in the mideast has been in turmoil for most of the history of those people there. And, it continues.
    In DC, the critters need to get their reactions in check. I’m thinking the ones complaining the most have some interest in the US troops staying involved in the region. Usually, a financial interest. Follow the money.
    Just sayin’.

  9. The Kurds have been at war with Syria for the last 30 years. We have no doubt they will also destroy the Turkish troops, if they interfere with their aim. That’s a war in the Middle East, we should not be involved with. We have nothing in Syria that would benefit the U.S.. Leave the Muslims to fight their wars and bring our young soldiers home.

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