Syrian Refugee Who Was Forced to Come to the U.S.


Syrian refugee Mostafa Hassoun told CNN’s Carol Costello that he loves America and would not be safe in his home country. But he said he did not choose America and didn’t want to come here. The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees made that decision for him. There is a real problem taking in refugees who don’t want to be here.

Media Keeps Marching Mr. Hassoun Out

Mr. Hassoun didn’t repeat the talking points exactly the way CNN hoped. CNN and other media are using him to show Syrians love America; people treat him in a bigoted manner; and he was vetted thoroughly. He’s being used over and over but the fact that he doesn’t want to be here should be a warning sign.

In December, the Washington Post talked about the lonely life of a Syrian refugee.  Mr. Hassoun says he’s regarded with suspicion and bigotry but how much of that is coming from him and his inability to adapt, if he’s even telling the truth? 

Politico is using the same refugee to prove the refugees go through extreme vetting. None of us know Mr. Hassoun, but we do know the media lies. We have no reason to believe the story. In fact, our intelligence agencies have told us the Syrians cannot be vetted.

David Brock’s Media Matters is also using his story to “prove” we thoroughly screen refugees. That’s pure bunk.

It’s also interesting how the same refugee keeps getting marched out by the left to prove several different leftist themes.

He Didn’t Want to Come

“This is not my option to come … I don’t choose that,” he said. “After an interview with the UNHCR, I received a call from them and told me … my refugee [application would be] accepted by the United States. So that’s why I came here.”

While he’s grateful to be away from Al-Assad and the Islamic State, he would only have liked to come to the U.S. as a visitor or as a student.

“I don’t like the refugee word. I’m not happy to be a refugee,” he said. “I would like to come to the United States as, like, a visitor or like as a student, but this is not my choice to come. I don’t choose to be refugee. We don’t have freedom.”

Clash of Cultures

Refugees coming in are not coming because they want to adopt to American values. Many have profound differences with American values and that presents a real danger for our society.

The U.S. does not pick out the refugees. The UNHRC does and values are not considered when they select who will or will not come to the U.S. If they were, Christians would be coming.

The clash of cultures could fundamentally alter American society.

Terrorist Infiltration

Kyle Shideler, director of threat information at the Center for Security Policy, told Polizette that infiltration by terrorists is also a legitimate concern. 

“The number of [Syrian] refugees in Jordan is 1.6 million out of a population of 10 million. Only 600,000 of them are registered with the UNHCR,” he told BBC Arabic, according to a translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project. “As I’ve said, in the Rukban and Hadallat camps, there are 100,000 refugees. ISIS has sleeper cells there. In fact, ISIS controls these two camps. We used to maintain open borders with Syria, but recently closed them, as a precaution against the terror attacks launched by ISIS from these camps.”

Not all infiltration is to blow us up or cut off our heads. Some infiltrate to destroy us from within.

We have refugees coming from terror camps; they are picked by the UN and don’t necessarily want to come; their values conflict; and Syrians can’t be vetted but the media is lying to us and saying they can be.

If They Don’t Want to Be Here

Dr. Ben Carson found that refugees do not want to come to the U.S.

This is very concerning. We need immigrants who want to be here.

On Monday the Co-founder of ‘The Muslim Reform Movement’, Asra Nomani, in an appearance on ‘Fox & Friends’ explained why she voted for a Republican for the first time in November. She made two key points: the media is inciting fear and acting irresponsibly and most Muslims support “extreme vetting”.

So let’s do it! Why not? Why is the left so afraid of that?

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Terry Schuck CPCU
Terry Schuck CPCU
7 years ago

Pretty obvious that the outward appearance of the Unites States of America as portrayed in the entertainment business would not appeal to anyone who has a strong belief in God or morality or religion or virtue. Moreover, coming as a refugee is not coming to become an American.

Heck, I am beginning to think I am a foreigner myself (just somewhat with tongue in cheek). I love and have faith in my God. I am an Originalist Constitutional thinker, and believer in the free. If you espouse those attributes, you are excoriated by a vast majority of those who love their government and want more of it.

God always comes first and many have lost sight of that. Mankind being infallible will always and always has struggled with it. Government is not the answer but it is the most common response. It’s covered in the Bible. God let us develop the concept of there being an earthly King. Too many worship at the altar of politics.