Syrian Refugee Planned to Blow Up a Church in Pittsburgh for ISIS


The little targeted church

Mustafa Mousab Alowemer, 21, was accused by federal prosecutors in court documents filed on Wednesday of planning to attack a church on the north side of Pittsburgh, the Legacy International Worship Center, “to support the cause of ISIS and to inspire other ISIS supporters in the United States,” ABC News reported.

According to the FBI’s counterterrorism department, Alowemer planned to bomb a church at 2131 Wilson Ave. in Pittsburgh’s Perry South neighborhood. He identified the church as Christian and Nigerian, and said he targeted it to “take revenge for our [ISIS] brothers in Nigeria.”

This is the yearbook picture for Mustafa Mousab Alowemer who just graduated from Brashear High School.

He’s a refugee from Daraa, Syria, and was admitted in August 2016. So grateful was he for being rescued from the hellhole that is now Syria, that he planned to blow up a Christian church to inspire other ISIS terror attacks.

He provided instructional documents on building an IED to an undercover FBI agent he thought was an ISIS militant.

Alowemer further detailed his plans and support for ISIS and jihad in social media communications.

“Alowemer also distributed propaganda materials, offered to provide potential targets in the Pittsburgh area, requested a weapon with a silencer, and recorded a video of himself pledging an oath of allegiance to the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,” the DOJ said in a statement.

Alowemer drafted a “10-point handwritten plan” related to a plot to bomb the church. He printed out copies of satellite maps from Google which he provided to a source working for the FBI as well as an undercover FBI employee.

The DOJ says he recorded a video of himself pledging an oath of allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

He also bought bomb making materials like that which was used by the Boston Marathon bombers and planned a July attack.

Last year, he began contacting a woman who pledged herself as an ISIS supporter. She allegedly shared information on social media about how to make explosives and biological weapons. Earlier this year, the woman pleaded guilty in federal court in Wisconsin to providing material support to ISIS.

While he was in Jordan, he was arrested four times, but our “extreme vetting” at the time did not pick it up.

The pastor wrote this message:

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