Take a Hike Nikki! Nikki Haley’s Attack on the GOP



What do you think about this?

Barack Obama has ruled the nation like a dictator with no regard for the Constitution. He is responsible for the outlandish spending, heavy regulations, the growth in government, Obamacare, the foreign policy mess, the increase in welfare, the increase in illegal immigration, and on and on. The Republicans didn’t do any of this. They should have fought harder against it and they should talk more about the Constitution, but they didn’t cause this mess. Why then is Nikki Haley being so “magnanimous” and giving the GOP some responsibility for the Democrats’ failure? Does she think it will make Democrats want to vote for her?

The president spent his entire speech ripping into the GOP, he didn’t need her help. He spent most of his speech attacking candidates and she went after the leading GOP candidate, not the Democrat candidates.

While Americans want problems solved, these partisans are playing games. The base would rather hear how the GOP is going to bring back our rule of law and limited government.

This is one exchange.

LAUER: “Some people on the far right of your party wanted you to deliver a full-scale partisan political attack. You didn’t see that as your mission, did you?”

HALEY: “That wasn’t me — that’s not me. I think that it’s important for us to look in the mirror. I think Republicans need to understand that they, too, are responsible for the status of where we are in the country. I mean, look, President Obama has divided our country in ways we’ve never seen before. We’re seeing disastrous things with health care, education, the economy, the national security.”

LAUER: “Right.”

HALEY: “But Republicans need to understand, there are things that we could do better — that would help strengthen own country. And I think it’s important that Republicans look in the mirror and realize we also are to blame.”


Nikki Haley is being talked about as a VP candidate but she might have killed her chances with this speech.

Why is Nikki Haley knocking our leading GOP candidates? Like them or not, one will probably go on to win the nomination and she’s putting them down. Why not go after Obama and Clinton?

In this video, she sounds like she wants to continue what Republicans have been doing for 7 years – compromising all their principles. We wouldn’t want any divisiveness, after all.


Laura Ingraham discussed it with Bret Baier on her radio show.

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Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
7 years ago

Apparently, the mountain sized stack of Obama/Democrat EPOCH failures over the past sever years wasn’t enough material for Gov. Haley?

When Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell tapped Haley to do the SOTU rebuttal, each took an ear and whispered, “Get Trump and maybe our eGOP candidate will visit the VP position upon you.” That was some real, bum advise.

NO doubt, Republicans bear a huge responsibility for our current, the WORLD’S current dangerous state, something the elect is well aware of. It’s WHY the anti-establishment candidates are all the rage these days. It is the eGOP’s extreme cowardice and blatant betrayal of their own people which created this atmosphere. Haley’s attack on We the People who have every right to be furious, underscores this.

Herbert R.
7 years ago

The backstablishment boldly and purposely squandered an opportunity to expose the lies embedded in the current puppet president’s SOTU farce to advance their assaults against anyone who dares to stand independent of the strings of the master manipulator puppeteers, all at the expense of the U. S. citizenry.

7 years ago

An honorable official will do and say things for the benefit of the nation, not for the benefit of their career. A while ago Haley was talking like a Tea Party person. The only explanation I have for this is personal ambition.

Kauf Buch
Kauf Buch
7 years ago

Agree with all you say.


The GOP Establishment did a Spanish-language version