Take A Picture, Get The Person’s Personal Information


Google To Launch Face Recognition App


Google will launch a face recognition app that allows users to take pictures on their mobile devices and receive personal information about the photo subjects, a project director announced this week. But identifying information won’t be released automatically – users must first check a box giving Google access to their picture and profile information. The company hasn’t said when it plans to release the new app, but says it’s being extra careful to address privacy concerns before the launch. Google engineering director for image-recognition Hartmut Neven says he’s heard a lot of complaints from worried females. “In particular, women say, ‘Oh my God. Imagine this guy takes a picture of me in a bar, and then he knows my address just because somewhere on the Web there is an association of my address with my photo,'” Neven told CNN. “That’s a scary thought. So I think there is merit in finding a good route that makes the power of this technology available in a good way.”


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