Take Back Long Island-Get Rid Of The MTA







Long Islanders just might have had enough. Real estate taxes are off the charts, many businesses are shuttered, sales taxes continually rise, nickel-and-dime taxes range from water bottles to vehicle documentation fees on new purchases and so on.

The worst tax to hit Long Island is the MTA tax. Long Island has a meager share of the MTA in the form of the LIRR and a small bus service. Long Island has no control over the 97% of LIRR retirees who go out on full disability nor does Long Island have control over the fact that the Transit Authority refuses to have an internal forensic audit. The Transit Authority has increased their marketing staff from about 3 to 444 and we have no control over that. We do, however, have our share of the unsustainable costs of the MTA. Every payroll on Long Island is now taxed to support the MTA and the tax is reflected in every bill we receive.

The tax is illegal according to NYS law. Districts in one part of the state cannot be taxed while others are not unless the taxed party has given permission. Long Island has not. What we did have were cowardly representatives in the Assembly and Senate who saw LI as the easy way to balance an out-of-control MTA budget.

A new group called  Tax Relief Now! has formed to defeat this tax. The first meeting of the group took place last Tuesday and packed the Crest Hollow Country Club with more than 400 people. It was a citizen’s “gathering to protest unfair taxation and disproportionate representation.” The group, under the auspices of Bill Schoolman, owner of Hampton Luxury Liner, stated that the law is unconstitutional. Mr. Schoolman sued in December but needs support to continue the suit. Read more here: NEWSDAY

This upcoming Sunday (April 10th) at 1:0 pm, Senator Lee M. Zeldin is holding a “Dump the MTA Payroll Tax” conference and a rally in front of Pride Products a Long Island company paying the Long Island MTA Payroll Tax. Pride Products is located at 4333 Veteran’s Memorial Highway, Ronkonkoma, NY.



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