Taliban Are Accused of Beheading Innocent Children


Taliban beheaded two young boys in Southern Afghanistan

The Taliban has been trying to improve their image. They want to go mainstream but they have problems reining in their 20,000 fighters who have been attacking government compounds, suicide bombing the airport in Kabul, and beheading children looking for food.

The Taliban leadership claims they have no knowledge of any of it and they are responsible for none of it.

The Taliban wants to enter mainstream politics but are unable to control the roving militant bands. How hard they try is up for conjecture.

On Sunday, the Taliban beheaded two boys ages 10 and 16 because the boys traded yogurt for dry bread to feed their calves and sheep. The children’s “crime” was that they traded with the police. The Taliban explained that the boys were warned beforehand.

There are more sickening stories but it’s unbearable to relate them.

Once foreign forces leave, the 352,000 Afghan police forces, seen as enemies by the Taliban, are going to be left to deal with ever-growing numbers of Taliban insurgents who feign ignorance over how these atrocities are occurring.

Many of the Taliban are and will continue to be bands of mindless psychopaths driven by their “religion.” They are monsters who behead innocent children to terrorize and control the poor peasants who are just trying to survive.

Supposedly, there are good Taliban. If that were true, why would they join a violent radical group of terrorists?

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