Talk of a Candace Owens-Donald Trump Battle Is Greatly Exaggerated


Candace Owens sat down with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate for a wide-ranging discussion and when the topic of vaccines came up, Donald Trump promoted the effectiveness of the vaccines. He views the rapid creation of the vaccine as one of his signature accomplishments.

It is unfortunate that Drs. Collins and Fauci are partisan liars, along with Dr. Walensky. It’s sad that the FDA, Big Pharma, CDC, and NIH/NIAID are all in bed together and profiting off illness. It’s caused a lot of skepticism. Also sad is the fact that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris trashed the vaccine out of the gate because it was Trump’s vaccine.

It has hurt the vaccination program but not as much as the authoritarian and heartless mandates.

There was a disagreement over the efficacy of vaccines when Candace Owens interviewed Donald Trump last week, but it was not a fight.

Things appear to be changing with the efficacy of the vaccine but we need to wait and see:

However, Candace later claimed that Donald Trump [who used Twitter effectively] is out of touch and not informed, but there is no evidence of that. The opposite is true.

Alex Jones thinks Trump is ignorant or evil because he believes in the vaccines. Donald Trump has made it clear he would have made masking and vaccination VOLUNTARY. Donald Trump is entitled to his opinion just as Alex Jones is entitled to his.

It’s true that Candace isn’t helping herself or Trump here:

The interview was fine but The Daily Beast played one against the other, setting off Candace’w explanation making it worse. Donald Trump is totally opposed to the authoritarian mandates and people getting fired.
Whatever happened to the debate and the opportunity for both sides to be heard? The Left and the Right are locking themselves into their prospective corners.

The Left also loves to divide to conquer. This is a no-never-mind.

Candace is entitled to feel the way she does and she has good reasons.

The left is calling her dangerous because she doesn’t agree with them. That is absurd.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago

Trump’s position on the jabs is incorrect. All real data shows this. This is not an area of uncertainty for opinion. Jones has analyzed 1000 times more information than Trump. I side with analysis over a person. Pharma used Trump’s expeditious nature as a means to increase profits and bypass reasonable testing. In that regard, Fauci played him like a fiddle.

Trump is also not criticizing the extreme repression of J6 protesters. His objectivity is under question.

I think Trump is letting us down. He has done so with the DOJ and the scamdemic. He takes the position to not force mandates because it is impossible that he could win another election otherwise.

Lawfawnduh Boriska
Lawfawnduh Boriska
6 months ago

I noticed the mean mug look on Trump’s face as he would stand with Fauci at the podium and he later that ol’ Gain Of Function was “unfireable”.
Most of us who are realistic never expected Trump to clean the Aegean stables and we never are looking for a messiah from Chicago or any other place.
Trump bought us some time and that is all that was expected, as a bonus he revealed the forces of evil arrayed in the swamp for all to see.