Tamara Holder: All Republicans Are Fat-Asses


Tamara Holder

It was quite the night for Hannity. First Congressmen Ellison ranted mindlessly, calling Hannity names.

Then in the next segment, Hannity did a piece about Nanny Bloomberg’s soda restrictions, which Bloomberg hopes to spread statewide and even nationwide. His guest, Tamara Holder, ever-the ditzy dingbat, called all Republicans “fat asses.” Hannity asked her if she was calling him one and she said, “Well look at you.” In typical liberal fashion, when you have no argument, resort to childish and incoherent insults.

Insults are something Tamara is better at than intelligent debate. She once told Imus on Fox Business that Michele Malkin is “angry and probably needs to get laid.” theblaze

Tamara Holder may not be a fat ass herself but according to Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in the Media, she has other issues. She was named in a lawsuit by a gay employee who alleged she had an affair with Jesse Jackson Sr. and he was used illegally to facilitate that relationship:

The lawsuit alleges that Bennett was subjected to “humiliating tasks” because he was a homosexual, such as “escorting women to his [Jackson’s] hotel room” and then being ordered to clean up after Jackson had sexual intercourse with them.

One of those women, the suit claims, was Tamara Holder, a pundit and criminal defense attorney who claims she “single-handedly” founded what she calls “a pro bono legal clinic at Rev. Jesse L. Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition.”

“Tamara Holder, a Fox News contributor, is accused of having an affair with Jesse Jackson, Sr. (he’s married and already had an illegitimate baby by another woman) in a lawsuit that alleges the illegal use of a gay Jackson employee to facilitate the relationship.


On one occasion, “Mr. Bennett was instructed by Rev. Jackson to escort Ms. Holder to Rev. Jackson’s hotel room at the Hilton at Chicago O’Hare airport,” the suit says.


This document declares, “It was well known that Ms. Holder was a mistress of Rev. Jackson,” and states that the Jackson family was informed of this because of a letter from another Jackson mistress.

Holder’s spokesperson said the charges are completely false.

If all Republicans are fat-asses, what are Democratic women? Here are two who represent the future of feminism and the faux contraception war:

Dem women
via Twitchy

The rep on the left bragged about protesting the Miss America pageant. Is it any wonder? They both hope to keep the women’s movement alive whether we need it or not. They represent us and I’d rather they didn’t.  MSNBC


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