Tarantino Should Go to South Chicago and Call Muderers ‘Murderers’


Quentin Tarantino gave a carefully crafted response to demands he apologize for calling cops murderers.

“All cops are not murderers,” Tarantino told The LA Times in his first public response to the controversy. “I never said that. I never even implied that.”

“What they’re doing is pretty obvious,” he said. “Instead of dealing with the incidents of police brutality that those people were bringing up, instead of examining the problem of police brutality in this country, better they single me out. And their message is very clear. It’s to shut me down. It’s to discredit me. It is to intimidate me. It is to shut my mouth, and even more important than that, it is to send a message out to any other prominent person that might feel the need to join that side of the argument.”

“I’m not being intimidated,” he said. “Frankly, it feels lousy to have a bunch of police mouthpieces call me a cop hater. I’m not a cop hater. That is a misrepresentation. That is slanderous. That is not how I feel.

“But you know, that’s their choice to do that to me. What can I do? I’m not taking back what I said. What I said was the truth. I’m used to people misrepresenting me; I’m used to being misunderstood. What I’d like to think their attack against me is so vicious that they’re revealing themselves. They’re hiding in plain sight.”

So, he’s the victim? All he had to say was that’s not what I meant – I didn’t mean all cops. Why couldn’t he say that?

When he marched with the Revolutionary Communist Party and BlackLivesMatter the Saturday before last, he specifically referred to the death of Freddie Gray and claimed to have details about him being beaten that he can’t possibly know. That case hasn’t come to trial and he’s prejudicing the jury.

Tarantino has free speech but inciting hatred towards cops is like screaming fire in a crowded movie theater especially to the crowd he was with.

He calls cops murderers int his video. Tarantino is an idiot.

His movie, The Hateful 8, is scheduled to open December 31st and the boycott is expanding.

Why doesn’t he go to south Chicago and call the murderers murderers and the murders murders?

Jamie Foxx labeled people giving Tarantino a hard time “haters.”




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