Targeting of Tea Party Continues – Now Feds Target Rallies


Armed agents from the Department of Homeland Security have been following Tea Party ralliers around. They have been doing this since 2009 and, probably to the administration’s disappointment, there have been no violent incidents to report, though it hasn’t stopped the media and some congressmen from pretending there might have been some.

Last Tuesday, rallies took place at IRS offices around the country. We don’t know why at this time but armed DHS agents showed up in addition to local police. Many of the DHS agents were out of uniform.

I suppose if the targeting by the IRS doesn’t squelch the Tea Party people then this should help. Instead of easing off, the feds are stepping up their offensive. That should put the chill on any opposition to the Big Government bullies.

DHS is not supposed to be a second federal police force but that’s what they are. Obama has his own police force.

tea party rally

Photo of  one of many harmless Tea Party rallies targeted by DHS

DHS targeted Occupy Wall Street also.

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