Tax Dollars for Worldwide Union Organizing During Sequester


hat tip to Gary Spina for the story

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and  Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) believe that the Labor Department’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs has been spending MILLIONS in tax dollars to organize statist unions throughout the world.  We are paying for union formation in Colombia and Vietnam for example.

The Senators penned a letter to the GAO asking for an accounting:

“At a time when our federal budget is deteriorating rapidly … it is troubling to us that the department appears to be spending millions of dollars of taxpayer funds to establish labor unions and promote collective bargaining in foreign countries,” they said in a letter to acting Labor Secretary Seth Harris.

We gave millions to the United Nations, the Solidarity Center and other like groups, “whose stated objective is to help establish labor unions in foreign countries,” the senators said in their letter.

We awarded a $1.5 million grant to an international development company in 2011 to assist labor unions in Vietnam engage in collective bargaining.

The bureau recently awarded a Colombian labor organization $1.5 million to help workers improve their collective bargaining rights and $2.2 million to the Solidarity Center, an AFL-CIO organization, to strengthen unions in Haiti and Peru.

The American Center for International Labor Solidarity was formed by the AFL-CIO to develop organizing strategies for international campaigns and cooperative relations with labor federations in other countries. They get about 90% of their funding from government agencies. They maintain offices in approximately 26 countries.

America is spreading Socialism throughout the world with tax dollars. So much for the idea that we are spreading freedom.

The solidarity center might also be spying for the State Department. In any case, we don’t know why our money is going to them.

Let’s not forget government waste. According to WaPo, the United States keeps 13,712 empty accounts at a cost of $890,000 in bank service fees. They are empty, nothing is in them, nada, zero, zilch. The government employees, who make at least a third more than private sector employees, are too busy to close them.

That brings me to Sequester which is a 2% cut to the growth in discretionary spending with a larger percentage from defense. In other words, the government is still growing and spending more under Sequester but 2% less than Barack Obama planned.

The cuts are across-the-board. The House offered to let Obama move money around in accounts so these minimal cuts would be workable but Barack refused.

Sequester was Obama’s idea.

Sequester was supposed to be a disaster for America.

The President, hoping to make the point that the government must keep growing, closed down tours of the White House when Sequester hit. His high-flying friends have open access of course.

Recently, the President tried to punish citizens for sequester by furloughing the FAA employees, except for Obama-appointed executives who weren’t cut at all (it was supposed to be across-the-board).

The furloughs caused long lines but people didn’t blame the Republicans. Consequently, Obama’s democratically-controlled senate decided to pass a bill which would end the FAA furloughs.

The  FAA has about $2 billion floating around in accounts that could have been accessed but Obama refused the House’s two open offers to give him the power to move money around to make the sequester cuts work.

If Sequester is such a problem, the government could cut the corrupt and wasteful spending and use that money to cover the White House tours and FAA employees salaries.

Read about the unions at FoxNews

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