Taxing People Out of 2nd Amendment Rights


death of the republic

Photo of the death of the Republic

USA Today reported that seven states are now collecting taxes on gun purchases and ammunition. This is the result of a coordinated effort by gun control groups to limit the 2nd amendment rights of the American people and it’s growing.

Gun purchases are already taxed heavily but ammo is not. The anti-gun proponents want to tax guns and ammo out of existence. Of course the rich will still be able to afford both.

Cook County Illinois is collecting a $25 tax on gun purchases. A California Democrat introduced a bill into the California legislature that would add a 5-cent tax on each bullet sold. Nevada has a bill that would create a $25 tax on gun sales and a 2-cent tax on each round of ammo. A Massachusetts state representative wants a 25% sales tax on ammo and firearms. Maryland has a bill to charge up to $25 for handgun licenses. One Democrat suggested a 50% tax on ammo purchases. New Jersey, Washington state et all have similar laws pending.

They see it as similar to other sin taxes on cigarettes, soda et al.

The anti-gun proponents use the excuse that they want the money to fund mental health programs and help victims of gun violence but the money will never go to those causes, it will go to the government coffers to feed the beast.

That is an aside, because the goal is to destroy 2nd Amendment rights through state laws. They will simply make it too expensive to buy guns or ammo.

There is currently legislation introduced in Congress which would add a 10% tax to handgun purchases to pay for gun buybacks and other programs.

These laws not only violate the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, they violate interstate commerce regulations.