Taxpayer Money Wasted on Cultural Diversity Brainwashing


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Two hundred thousand taxpayer dollars have been wasted on mandatory “cultural sensitivity” training that is far left nonsense at best.

The training is part of the “new era of civil rights” according to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, but it seems to ignore reality. For instance, the speaker tells participants to repeat “pilgrims were illegal aliens” as he bangs on the table.

It’s PC garbage run amok.

You will be happy to know that the speaker is making mega bucks to spread these crazy views to government workers.

Go to the end of this post to see the Judicial Watch videos of the propaganda training provided to USDA.

Check out the whistleblower:

via TruthSeeker

Betances won’t allow his public training to be posted even though it is paid for by taxpayer dollars. They are a secret or at least they were. One would think he’d be proud of his work.

Betances is a race-baiting hustler. He received a doctorate from Harvard (same school Barack went to) – he’s not stupid. He is still a consultant at Harvard. He got his start with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and his Chicago machine. Richard Daley also oversaw the rise of Barack Obama.

Despite his “acclaim,” one would be hard put to find any information on Betances. He is not even listed in Wikipedia.

The United States is in the hands of Chicago politicians.

Go to Judicial Watch to see the videos.

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