Taxpayers Shafted By Solyndra Payback – Media Silent


There’s much discussion about media bias.  Has been for several years.  For me, it all started back in the 60s when a staunch Democrat bought the Manchester (New Hampshire) Union Leader and then picked up a couple of other local rags to “mic check” his every word.  My very first reaction was “who is this guy and why is he telling me who to vote for?”  I still feel the same today.  I don’t believe there’s any journalistic integrity or concern for ethics in one man – in this case an owner/editor of a large newspaper – shoving his opinion down my throat.  Over time, the issue has blossomed into a political tool utilized primarily by Democrats as free advertising to advance their agenda.

Here’s just one example of how media manipulation of your news is being abused – and I use that word “abused” conservatively.

In yet another Friday night “document dump”, those nice folks at Solyndra LLC filed paperwork indicating a plan to repay the federal government $24 million dollars.  That sounds good until you discover they owe us $527 million.  Not quite 5%.  The other 95%?.  If this plan is accepted, that $503 million dollars will be written off as a loss, and it’s a loss for the taxpayers at a time when losses simply must be avoided.

The big media outlets were quick to point out the President’s gift to Solyndra (and others), but they’re dreadfully lacking in reports on massive failures, such as this one.

According to the Media Research Center, “U.S. taxpayers will lose 95.5 percent of their investment, but Obama-connected investors will get back “at least half.”  Imagine how the media would react if the situation was reversed and this were true of a Republican president and his or her wealthy donors.

An October 2011 study by the Media Research Center found  that the three broadcast networks are providing virtually no coverage of the Solyndra scandal, a solar energy firm that went bankrupt after getting more than $500 million in taxpayer money from the Obama administration.  This is not the approach the networks took after the collapse of Enron, an energy company with Republican ties.  In just the first two months of 2002, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts cranked out 198 stories on the Enron debacle, compared to just eight so far on Solyndra, a 24-to-1 disparity.

What’s that you say?  You haven’t heard about this most recent filing until now?

There’s a good reason for that.  Seems there’s a presidential election going on and the media darling just happens to be the man whose administration engineered that disastrous loan guarantee for Solyndra – President Barack H. Obama.  And Heaven forbid the public know about this!  In fact, without blog services such as The Independent Sentinel and the Media Research Center, you’d probably NEVER hear about it.

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