Taylor’s Aide testifies to what he recalls overhearing in a restaurant


William Taylor testified with only second-, third-, and fourth-hand ‘evidence’ so the Democrats brought his aide in. The aide, David Holmes, claims first-hand information to quid pro quo by the President. He testified in secret and if Schiff likes what he had to say, he will bring him back for public testimony. The prepared opening remarks were naturally leaked to the press.

Speaking in secret before the intelligence committee after Masha Yovanovitch’s [therapy session] testimony, Holmes testified that he overheard a phone conversation in a restaurant between Amb. Gordon Sondland and the President. He didn’t take notes and relied on his ‘clear’ memory.


“I heard Ambassador Sondland greet the President and explain that he was calling from Kyiv. I heard President Trump then clarify that Ambassador Sondland was in Ukraine. Ambassador Sondland replied, yes, he was in Ukraine, and went on to state that President Zelensky ‘loves your ass,’” he testified.

He overheard both sides of the conversation???

According to Holmes, the president then allegedly asked Sondland whether Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was willing to conduct an investigation into [credible] allegations of corruption surrounding both the U.S. 2016 presidential election and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I then heard President Trump ask, ‘So, he’s gonna do the investigation?’ Ambassador Sondland replied that ‘he’s gonna do it,’ adding that President Zelenskyy will do ‘anything you ask him to,’” he claimed.

He admitted that he hadn’t taken notes — that his statements to Congress were based solely on his memory.

“Even though I did not take notes of these statements, I have a clear recollection that these statements were made,” he said. “I believe that my colleagues who were sitting at the table also knew that Ambassador Sondland was speaking with the President.”

Holmes reportedly overheard this conversation at a restaurant in Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev on July 26, a day after the president’s noted phone call with Zelensky.

Strange how it didn’t show up in the transcript quite like that.

Holmes’s opening statement was leaked to CNN because his gossip is seen as helping the Democrat case.


Holmes described how Sondland agreed the President didn’t give a “s**t” about Ukraine, the insinuation being it wasn’t corruption he was after, it was a Biden investigation.

What the left wants all to think is that there is no credible evidence to investigate. They want Americans to believe the President wanted to hurt his pure-as-the-driven-snow opponent for a nefarious reason.

Then Holmes repeated second-hand information.

“After the call ended … I then took the opportunity to ask Ambassador Sondland for his candid impression of the President’s views on Ukraine. In particular, I asked Ambassador Sondland if it was true that the President did not ‘give a s—t about Ukraine,’” he claimed.

“Ambassador Sondland agreed that the President did not ‘give a s—t about Ukraine.’ I asked why not, and Ambassador Sondland stated that the President only cares about ‘big stuff.’ I noted that there was ‘big stuff’ going on in Ukraine, like a war with Russia, and Ambassador Sondland replied that he meant ‘big stuff’ that benefits the President, like the ‘Biden investigation’ that Mr. Giuliani was pushing. The conversation then moved on to other topics.”


Schiff is selectively leaking gossip with some facts interspersed. There is no evidence.

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